That night I tried reading about the procedures, but I kept feeling nauseous. Sophia was now moving regularly, and we were planning a 21-week D&E or induced birth.

The horror pressed into us. We holed up in our house and grieved, deliberated and found scraps of distraction to keep us sane. We whispered to Sophia, my husband’s head lying lovingly on my belly.

Postponing her imminent death was not an option. She would develop more sensory ability to feel pain. We filled out consent forms to have an autopsy and cremation performed on our unborn child.

~ Writer Kimberly Cates Escamilla (pictured) explaining her decision to abort her unborn daughter after being diagnosed with the genetic disorder, Trisomy 13, Huffington Post, April 10

[Photo via Cates Escamilla’s Facebook page]

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