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  • In Pennsylvania, a 14-year-old boy has been found guilty for killing his father’s fiancee and her unborn child when he was 11:

    Lawrence County Judge John Hodge found the now-14-year-old Jordan Brown delinquent, the juvenile court equivalent of a guilty verdict, in the deaths of 26-year-old Kenzie Houk and her unborn child.

  • In an attempt to attack Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman, RH Reality Check’s Robin Marty ends up providing evidence for what pro-lifers have been saying about Planned Parenthood for years:

    There’s only one little problem with Heineman’s strategy. Planned Parenthood doesn’t provide prenatal care in any of its Nebraska clinics.

    So then Planned Parenthood in Nebraska doesn’t provide any services for pregnant women except abortion, correct?

  • The New York Times has a piece by Susan Heath discussing her abortion in 1978. She fails to understand that her experience with abortion in 1978 would closely mirror someone’s experience in 2012 if they were both having abortions in New York. As usual, the actual abortion is completely glossed over. I found this bit interesting:

    Two years later, I’m driving upstate by myself. I look down and think that if I hadn’t had the abortion, there would be a baby seat next to me with a small child in it, resting comfortably, knowing it would always be safe because I was in charge. It might be a girl — I would have liked to have a daughter in the family mix.

    But I’m not grieving over the absence; I don’t have and never have had a single qualm about not bringing that child into the world. I know many women who have grieved greatly over the children they decided not to have, and I am thankful to have been spared that agonizing sadness of guilt and regret.

    This seems rather common among some pro-choice post-abortive women. They say they have no regrets but then mention thinking about what would have been, the child they would have had, etc.

  • A man in the United Arab Emirates is on trial for allegedly attacking his pregnant girlfriend and forcing abortion pills on her:

    The cleaner told prosecutors that when she found out she was pregnant she asked the driver to marry her, but he refused. He then ordered her to abort the baby, and she refused.

    She said he then beat her all over her body with a wooden stick before leaving. When he returned he had some tablets which he ordered her to take. When she refused, he assaulted her again.

    Brandishing a knife, he then told her he would kill her before shoving six tablets down her throat and two others into her genitalia, which caused her to start bleeding.

[Photo by Cory Marchand, via outkube.com]

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