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  • Vanessa Williams said this about her abortion in an interview with a Fox affiliate:

    Who knows how life would have been different? I think the bottom line is I definitely would have been where I am now even if I’d gone down another path. It doesn’t take away from the drive or the talent. You can make your life whatever you want with or without a child.

  • Apparently, Politico has no understanding of what an apology is. From Sarah Silverman, this clearly isn’t one:

    In her apology, Silverman tweeted:”It wasn’t funny for me to talk so casually about abortion. But when they take our right to choose away it will be HILARIOUS!” And: “The government should STAY OUT of our PRIVATE LIVES except when it comes to who we marry & what we do w our uteruses!!”

  • “I had an abortion” t-shirts are sparking controversy at UNC-Wilmington:

    The shirts were for sale on University of North Carolina Wilmington’s campus Monday in connection with a panel discussion about abortion and Jennifer Baumgardner’s book signing. The author and abortion rights advocate started making the shirts in 2004, to encourage people to speak about their experiences. The sales sparked other students to rally with their own shirts, saying things like “I haven’t killed a baby.”

  • Pro-lifers in Ohio have been working on new legislation to keep funds away from Planned Parenthood:

    Under the proposal, local public health departments get the top funding priority, followed by federally qualified community health centers, private primary-care centers and, last, Planned Parenthood and other stand-alone family planning centers.

    “We refer to it as defunding Planned Parenthood because a lot of the money, in fact, will go to the top three (categories), but it doesn’t preclude Planned Parenthood at the end of the day from receiving money,” said Mike Gonidakis, president of Ohio Right to Life.

  • Pro-choice intolerance is alive and well in Connecticut where a number of students attempted to prevent the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform from setting up a Genocide Awareness Project display at the University of Connecticut. Two students, Brenna Regan and Logan Place, who refused to stop interfering after authorities showed up were eventually arrested:

    Regan described the images on display as “imposing and attacking.” The posters included bloody images of aborted fetuses, detached baby heads and dismembered limbs….

    “If the UConn Police would rather arrest UConn students than stop a hate speech, so be it,” Place said.

    At the Hartford Courant, student Cindy Luo has a rather delusional perspective of the protest and arrest:

    Protesters gathered on Tuesday to try and reason with GAP members, asking that they at least take into consideration the emotional health of students, but they refused to stop displaying these images. This showed that they don’t actually want to have an informed, civil discussion, but rather want to traumatize people who may have had abortions or might be facing such a decision.

    Trying to prevent a pro-life group from setting up a display using force proves the pro-life group doesn’t want to have a civil discussion?

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