It is something no civilized nation indulges in.

In societies where such practices as eating the brains of the dead (usually enemy dead, to be sure — nothing so clammy as one’s own kinfolk) occur, diseases such as kuru and equivalents often ensue, with genetic sequellae and untoward organic consequences in the long term…

Not to mention, of course, the danger of contracting HIV/AIDS, if the wife had it, and the husband thinks he can get away with unprotected erotic acts, because there is no worry about the wife becoming pregnant.

~ Marion DS Dreyfus discussing the possible health risks associated with having sexual intercourse with a corpse, American Thinker, April 28

This is in response to the claim that Egyptian husbands may soon have the legal right to have sexual intercourse with their wives for up to six hours after death.

[Photo Credit: History Link 101]

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