New website reveals abortion clinic med mal and health code violations nationwide

Secular Pro-Life has unveiled a new website that will catalog all medical malpractice and health code violations of abortion mills across the country.

Add this information to, which tracks abortionist malpractice and negligence violations as well as the status of their medical licenses, and, which will be “the reference of choice for all information relating to abortion,” and pro-lifers are building an extensive reference library about the abortion industry and players.

SPL’s online database,, provides abortion-minded women with the latest information on health violations and malpractice lawsuits, ensuring that they make more informed decisions.

Project coordinator Kelsey Hazzard says the site was inspired in part by the Chicago Method, a woman-centered sidewalk counseling approach the Pro-Life Action League has successfully employed for years.

The key difference, Hazzard said, is that allows women to obtain accurate abortion information from the comfort of their own homes, thus giving them more time to reconsider their decisions.

“Now, we don’t have to wait until women are already at the sidewalk to give them this information,” she said. “They’ll have it as soon as they do a Google search for abortion centers in their area.”

Numerous pro-life leaders – including Students for Life of America’s Kristan Hawkins and PLAL’s Eric Scheidler – have applauded the project.

For months, volunteers across the country have combed through local courthouses for medical malpractice documents. Currently, provides information about abortion centers in 22 states, and organizers plan to add more data soon. The site also includes information on abortion risks and alternatives.

SPL hopes that the project will create common ground in the abortion debate. Hazzard cited a series of articles that pro-choice author William Saletan wrote last year, in which he urged the abortion rights movement to combat modern-day “back-alley” abortion facilities.

“We believe this is something pro-lifers and pro-choicers can both get behind,” she concluded.

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10 thoughts on “New website reveals abortion clinic med mal and health code violations nationwide”

  1. It’s really sad a site like abortionsafety is needed. But it is, and I applaud the work being done by the people behind it. Lots of abortionists in the San Diego area have really bad records and numerous claims against them. Though that doesn’t surprise me, I can’t imagine the desperation of women who end up with these crappy doctors.


  2. This sort of malpractice will continue as long as the abortion industry fights regulations and demands to be treated like a sacred cow.


  3. Now we have to crack down on those e-vell CPC’S and their killer ultrasound machines!


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