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  • Pro-Life in TN wonders why the courts are allowing cases of pro-choice violence – like that of abortionist Gary Boyle, who was arrested in 2010 for brandishing a loaded gun at peaceful prayer vigil participants – to lie dormant for months or even years. Maybe the Justice Department is just too busy going after the leaflet-distributing sidewalk counselors.
  • Stand for Life summarizes 15 motivations of pro-lifers from Prof. Peter Kreeft’s book, Three Approaches To Abortion.

  • Wesley J. Smith notes the gradual acceptance of the idea that government should be involved in ensuring the “happiness” of the populace:

    Equality used to mean “of opportunity,” as in judge us all by the content of our character. These days, it seems to mean economic outcomes. Coming soon to a bloated bureaucracy near you, it will apparently be life satisfaction, with government policy expected to provide the joy. And if your neighbor is happier than you, will it be up to the government to even the score?

  • John Smeaton encourages participation in a pro-life outreach during the passing of the Olympic torch through various UK cities.
  • Real Choice outlines the horrific story of baby Rowan, who was born alive during an abortion but did not survive.
  • Priests for Life features The Radiance Foundation founder Ryan Bomberger’s response to the Trayvon Martin controversy.
  • Pro-Life Action League has news of a new IVF clinic being built in Naperville, IL. Pro-lifers plan to engage in peaceful protest against the clinic because of the procedure’s toll on human life at the earliest stages. PLAL’s opposition to the clinic, however, is being painted as a “religious objection” as opposed to a moral one:

    One could say a low-grade war on freedom of religion was being waged by many of the pro-IVF speakers at Naperville City Council last night.

    Many of them, including [fertility] Dr. [Randy] Morris, made it clear that they believed that everyone opposing the clinic was doing so for “religious reasons” and that religious reasons do not deserve a hearing in the public square.

    The funny thing is, nobody opposing the clinic stated religious reasons. At both last’s night’s meeting and the previous one, the stated reasons for opposition were zoning discrepancies and the value of human life—something we can all value regardless of religion.

    See Eric Scheidler’s remarks in the video below:


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