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Stanek weekend question: Which pro-choice stars do you boycott, if any?

UPDATE 4/29, 1:54p: Ashley has engaged in the conversation on Twitter, fyi…

4/28, 3:14p: Pro-abortion Hollywood star Ashley Judd was one of several lesser knowns to recently mock the demise of Rick Santorum’s presidential campaign with a spoof that made analogies to abortion…

Rick Santorum Aborts Presidential Campaign from Ashley Judd

On April 23 Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly dedicated a segment of his show to Judd, predicting her career would certainly suffer for her overt support of abortion, in particular a new television show in which she stars (and which I heretofore had never heard of), Missing….


But if I had heard of Missing, and was a fan, I’d stop watching it. I wouldn’t want to give anything related to Judd my business, and I wouldn’t be able to get past reminders of abortion if watching her anyway.

How about you? Do you boycott t.v. shows, movies, concerts, cds, etc., of famous people who promote abortion? If so, who?

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Posted by on April 28, 2012.

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