I reported earlier this week that Planned Parenthood had rejected a $500,000 donation from bestselling author Tucker Max because his writings are misogynistic toward women.

The plan was for Planned Parenthood to name one of its clinics after Max. But according to his publicist in a Forbes piece, Planned Parenthood became concerned about the “perception” of Max’s writing, which could be “perceived in a certain negative manner,” rendering his donation inappropriate, “given Planned Parenthood’s mission.”

The same could be said if in a wild, perhaps retaliatory, turn of events Max decided to give his donation to a pregnancy care organization to build the Tucker Max Women’s Resource Center.

Or to a group of pro-life activists to launch a local Tucker Max Right to Life Committee, perhaps to picket the local Planned Parenthood.

Would you take Max’s money?

[Graphic via MuscleWeek.com]

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