BREAKING: Planned Parenthood busted in new undercover sting on sex selective abortions

UPDATE 7:42a: Sign the new petition at ProtectOurGirls.Com, which calls for an immediate ban on the horrific practice of sex-selective abortions in the U.S.

6:45a: Pro-life group Live Action has just gone public with the first video from  its latest undercover investigation: sex-selective abortions.

This first sting was conducted at a Planned Parenthood in Texas.

The Daily Caller broke the story a few minutes ago:

Live Action says Planned Parenthood and other U.S. abortion providers are willing to assist in the termination of baby girls for pregnant women who choose abortion because they want to have baby boys. And the pro-life abortion watchdog says its video series and a new website will expose it all.

“This was a multi-state, national investigation demonstrating that this is a widespread problem across our country,” Live Action president Lila Rose told The Daily Caller in an interview Monday.

“First of all, the statistics and studies indicate that we are adding to the growing problem across the world of sex-selective targeting of unborn girls for abortion. We are going to be demonstrating — starting with this video from Texas — that the abortion industry in the United States is aiding and abetting this horrific problem.”

The first in what Live Action says is a series of videotaped incidents exposing American abortion facilities’  willingness to assist in sex-selection abortions took place at a South Austin, Texas Planned Parenthood clinic. In the footage, a Planned Parenthood counselor appears to readily assist and advise a Live Action actor who said she was trying to obtain an abortion if her baby is female.

“In this video, what is astounding is that Rebecca, the Planned Parenthood counselor, starts arranging with the actor about how to get a late-term abortion,” Rose said. “To wait until her pregnancy is so developed that — and using Medicaid for this, using the state to pay for the ultrasound to determine the gender, and then to do a late term abortion if it was a little girl.”

Live Action would not say how many abortion providers complied with their investigators’ requests or how many they visited. The group did provide The Daily Caller with a link to its unedited video footage from the South Austin clinic.

I was shocked at how cavalierly the Planned Parenthood employee recommends waiting until after 20 weeks to abort a baby girl….

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49 thoughts on “BREAKING: Planned Parenthood busted in new undercover sting on sex selective abortions”

  1. WOW!!! This is soooooo sick! I am not surprized but just stunned at how callous and calculating the PP “counselor” is. Is she a nurse practitioner, a nurse or a worker?

    Lila Rose does it again exposes the Dead Babies R Us crew for what they really are, “Blood Money” vampires. This is what we have come to. This ladies and gentlemen is “reproductive freedom” and “trusting women”; it means plotting, lying, deceiving, mutilating, destroying, picking and choosing, sex-selection abortion and murdering your unborn because she is the “wrong” sex.  


  2. “Well, good luck and I hope you get your boy.”

    And if it is a girl, well, too bad for her. 


  3. “they don’t like it because everything’s developed.”
    so are you saying it’s no longer a “blob of tissue?” 
    “here’s how to use medicade”
    how dare you abuse my tax dollars 
    “Go on and get pregnant again”
    right, and then come right back right 
    “I hope you do get your boy”
    No I bet you want the business.
    what business kills future potential clustomers openly? I would hope said future girl doesn’t go to them, but really?  


  4. As long as they meet their abortion quota and get paid what’s a little deception??

    She will either be fired or “retrained” today. What’s it going to be PP?


  5. “I’ve had two abortions and four kids.” 

    And I wonder if you’re ever going to share the information with your live children that you opted to terminate two brothers or sisters? 


  6. “I’ve had two abortions and four kids.”

    Does sell a variant that somehow shows the number of abortions as well?


  7. Some women wear the number of abortions they’ve had like a badge of honor as if killing their own children makes them liberated and independent women.


  8. Dewayne,

    Yes they do.  It is called denial and they justify their actions by “helping” other women abort their children.  PP touts abortion as EMPOWERING!! 

    There is help and healing for them too.  


  9. CC?  Joanie?  

    Good morning!!  Show your support for this! Let’s hear it!!

    Cue the comments about “edited tapes.”  



  10. If a woman wants to have an abortion for sex selection, what business is it of your’s or the government’s?  As long as the desired abortion is within the legal parameters, what’s the problem? 


  11. Great logic, CC (no irony intended). By all means promote that widely and vocally. Keep underscoring that point until election day. Please! 

    And wow, MM has really gone off the deep end. That review is just argumentum ad bogeymen. Has MM decided that echo chamber histrionics is superior to persuasion?


  12. “Hoax videos?”

    So the PP worker wasn’t real?  They were all actors? 


  13. Carla, do you take requests? I can think of a couple things I’d like summoned ’bout now.  ;-)


  14. Good to know there are so-called feminists out there who see nothing wrong with women being threatened by their husbands with violence if they don’t abort the worthless female children they are carrying.

    It’s good to know that they support the further devaluing of the feminine/female via sex selection and can’t see the forest for the trees.


  15. “Hoax visits.”  It used to be called undercover journalism when we had real journalists.


  16. I was just now wondering where CC was…
    And I could have written her pots verbatim….hoax…Lila Rose…heavily edited…wait, CC you forgot the comment  that goes something like this: how many investigations and prosecutions are going on because of the Live Action tapes….

    And ao I shall say again: get an original response….wait, I’m asleep already.


  17. Planned Parenthood seems to have a policy of encouraging abortion no matter what the mother’s situation.  Kill first.   At any point did “Rebecca” tell the “patient” that there was the option of adoption if she didn’t want a girl?


  18. You can determine the gender (via ultrasound) between 20-28 weeks. That’s
     half-way though the pregnancy, so they can’t refer to the baby as “just a blob of tissue”, now can they?
    They KNOW the baby is HUMAN, they KNOW the baby is ALIVE, they KNOW the baby is a GIRL, and they SPECIFICALLY target her for death.
    What was that about a “war on women” again?


  19. Dewayne,

    Exactly!!  Where was the talk of parenting?  OR adoption?  Hmmmm.  Something’s amiss.

    Didn’t she say something about a BRAIN?  Blobs with brains.  Who knew? 


  20. So the PP worker wasn’t real?  They were all actors? 

    I think the PP worker was either a robot, a puppet or a demon.  Take your pick.


  21. “If a woman wants to have an abortion for sex selection, what business is it of your’s or the government’s?”
    I get that in the US, the amount of girls killed is not enough to have a significant impact on overall gender rates, so it is a huge yawn that people are killing their daughters. And yeah, I also get that the hard-core “women’s rights” activists just love to brag that they couldn’t care less about gendercide. Screw irony…abortion ueber alles!
    However, the two most populous countries in the world have a male to female ratio that is skewed beyond anything that could possibly occur in nature. Gee whiz, what could possibly go wrong in these countries and what impact might that have on the larger international community, including *gasp* the US?


  22. Jill has updated this post.  PP fired the worker for not following “protocol.”  


  23. Gee, I’m gonna stop being pro-life now because it’s none of my business if people want to kill their daughters for being girls (not).  And it’s just swell if an employee of an abortion clinic tells a mother to wait, wait until her child is even more pain-capable before scheduling the termination (so civil, so humane!).

    Yes, Dewayne, protocol would probably be to have said, “Come on back if you change your mind about that boy, they can be expensive little brats too!”  


  24. You knew it was coming – because planned unparenthood was seeing Live Action Ghosts asking about sex selection abortions.
    The problem is that once planned parenthood gets paranoid about another sting coming…. it’s already too late.
    They have so many unethical  and disgusting practices, the stings could be continuous. 


  25. Your argument against sex selection abortions seems to be based, in part, on population concerns. Isn’t that the argument that the Chinese use for forced abortions?


  26. Our arguments against abortion are always consistent: because new humans are alive at conception and nobody has the “right” to murder them for any reason. 

    Pro-life, 100%, without apology.  


  27. And no apologies!!

    See, CC, we are CONSISTENT. Look it up. It means, in part, that our views don’t change even when it is particularly hard or unpopular to stick with them.


  28. “However, the two most populous countries in the world have a male to female ratio that is skewed beyond anything that could possibly occur in nature. Gee whiz, what could possibly go wrong in these countries and what impact might that have on the larger international community, including *gasp* the US?”

    What’s your point? What are you trying to argue? That the US should possibly look into passing laws restricting sex-selective abortion in India and China because the gender imbalances in those countries might eventually have an affect on us?


  29. CC and Joan,

    Your side is losing.  It is only a matter of time.  The killing of innocent preborn human beings will end.

    And where does that leave you? Still ranting about the good ol days of “safe, legal” abortion??


  30. Hey CC, I’ll tell you what business it is of mine, I don’t have the stomach for Medicaid fraud and I have even less tolerance for tax dollars paying for this. Planned Parenthood used mamograms as a front as far as I’m concerned


  31. Does Planned Parenthood tell women that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer?  I mean, if women’s health is their biggest concern then they should be doing everything in their power to steer women AWAY from abortion.


  32. It’s pretty scary how the PP worker is describing how developed the baby is at 5 months and yet she still doesn’t have a problem with “termination”…


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