The Abortion Care Network just concluded its annual three-day conference.

ACN is basically a club of all independent abortion clinics other than Planned Parenthood.

Pro-abortion conferences are always hush-hush. ACN didn’t even announce its own on its web page, Facebook page, or Twitter.

I only stumbled on this conference last night while perusing pro-abortion tweets, because Steph Herold, aka @IAmDrTiller, began live-tweeting from the event.

So all I have are tweets, but they’re interesting. I’ve organized the stand-outs by topic….

Abortion providers are old… and unhip

Note, ixnay on “pro-choice”; it’s now “reproductive justice.”

Abortion providers review the movies

Indys don’t like Planned Parenthood

(In response to the lament that abortions at Planned Parenthood are cheaper I reminded Steph in a tweet this is because PP gets taxpayer subsidies, which she supports.)

Abortion’s persistent ick factor

Some old reasons, some new insights, on why abortion remains stigmatized 40 years after it was legalized…

New campaign: “My Abortion, My Life”

Standing up to anti-choice bullies

It would seem counterintuitive for abortion activists to purchase large signs showing graphic photos of aborted babies. And what would the signs say? “Anti-choicers oppose this”?

At any rate, these tweets all add just a little more to the body of knowledge about what is going on in the heads of the opposition. Most interesting to me was the schism between independent mills and the Planned Parenthood abortion monopoly.

Oh, and see their poetry winners here.

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