Former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline, pictured right, will file a blistering motion today requesting that two Kansas Supreme Court justices recuse themselves from deciding his ethics case -  due to their unethical behavior.

The justices are set to determine whether to indefinitely suspend Kline’s law license, the culmination of a long, sordid saga that reads more like a John Grisham legal thriller, involving sustained cover-ups for the abortion industry at the highest levels of Kansas state government.

Kline wants Justice Carol Beier, pictured left, off the case for “her deep-seated antagonism” against him, demonstrated in court decisions and spiteful written opinions.

Kline also accuses Beier of engaging in pro-abortion activism from the bench. Beier calls herself a “third wave feminist,” of which “[a]bortion access and ‘reproductive rights’ are a central theme,” according to Kline’s motion.

Beier has advocated manipulating the media to advance her ideology as “a necessary pre-condition to an evolution in the law.” Aside from her legal degrees, Beier has a B.S. in journalism. As a fledgling attorney Beier worked at the National Women’s Law Center.

Kline is also asking Chief Justice Lawton Nuss, pictured right, to recuse himself. As attorney general Kline filed a complaint against Nuss in 2006 for secretly meeting with the President of the Kansas Senate regarding pending education finance litigation.

Nuss was later formally admonished by the Kansas Commission on Judicial Qualifications for improper behavior.

Kline believes it would be easy to suspect retribution as a factor should Nuss rule against him now.

Kline’s 66-page motion lays it all on the line, reviewing multiple instances in which a state government ruled by friends of the abortion industry attempted to thwart his legitimately founded investigation into illegal child rape cover-ups and record tampering by Comprehensive Health of Planned Parenthood in Overland Park and late-term abortionist George Tiller in Wichita.

Former Governor Kathleen Sebelius, pictured left, was the Kansas abortion industry’s puppet master, appointing Beier eight months after Kline took office. Sebelius now serves as Secretary of the U.S. Department Health and Human Services under President Obama.

As an aside, when reading the motion I was surprised to see myself quoted on page 43, and am honored to play a small part in Kline’s attempt to seek justice, a David vs. Goliath case if there ever was one.

The abortion industry and its tools are not content to have run Kline out of the state. They now seek to ruin his career and make an example of him as the first U.S. prosecutor ever to bring charges against them.

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