[W]hile conservatives tend to focus on matters of economics and excessive government growth and intervention, they’re missing crucial aspects of Obama’s social policy, vision, and rhetoric which, in fact, are arguably even closer to the Marxist/communist tradition….

The Bolsheviks advocated abortion. It was one of the first things they legalized. By the early 1920s, Bolshevik Russia had the most liberal abortion policies in the world. And what happened? Just like divorce, abortion exploded. In fact, the proliferation in abortions was so bad that it shocked even Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger during a trip to Russia in 1934. By the 1970s, when America was just getting around to legalizing abortion, the Soviet Union was averaging over 7 million abortions per year — dwarfing the very worst rates in America post-Roe v. Wade. The direct effect of this on the Russian population has been staggering.

For the record, Russia’s horrific abortion rates are common in communist countries, which to this day lead the world in abortions….

As to President Obama, he is far and away the most radical supporter of abortion ever to step in the White House… [from] forcing all taxpayers to fund abortion drugs (with no religious exemption), to fund Planned Parenthood, to fund embryonic research, and on and on….

Overall, Barack Obama’s support of gay marriage and abortion constitute an undermining of the historical, fundamental understanding of the human family. And that, too, is quintessentially Marxist/communist.

~ Paul Kengor, American Thinker, May 16

[Image via libertarianrepublican.net]

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