UPDATE 9:50a: Douglas Johnson, Legislative Director of National Right to Life, adds this thought:

Theodore Shulman entered a guilty plea in a federal court in Manhattan yesterday.  But the only press coverage seen, so far, is a short story in the New York Daily News, and an even shorter Associated Press piece.

Neither the Daily News nor the AP mentioned that Shulman is the son of famed feminist author and activist Alix Kates Shulman, whose works include Memoirs of an Ex-Prom Queen.  I think that if a pro-life activist had entered a guilty plea to making death threats against prominent pro-abortion leaders, that story would be covered much more widely – and if the offender also were the son of a famous pro-life author and activist, that association would be highlighted.  Maybe the “mainstream media” should also enter a guilty plea – guilty to bias by grossly selective perception regarding what constitutes “news.”

I should also highlight the fact that Alix has spoken of aborting four of Shulman’s siblings, “and not one was the result of carelessness.” Theodore has commented on those abortions, saying two came before him and two after. Shulman has one living sister, Polly. One doesn’t have to be a psychiatrist to figure out why Shulman is messed up. He needs our prayers.

6a: From the New York Daily News, last night:

A pro-abortion extremist pleaded guilty in Manhattan Federal Court Thursday to posting an online comment threatening violence against two abortion foes.

Theodore Shulman, 51, faces up to 51 months in prison at his sentencing date on Sept. 12. He has been held without bail since his arrest in February 2011.

Shulman made the threat in January 2010 on the website of a conservative Catholic magazine.

The threat targets Priests For Life director the Rev. Frank Pavone and Princeton University professor Robert George and said they would be killed if the accused killer of Wichita abortion provider Dr. George Tiller was acquitted.

Anti-abortion activist Scott Roeder was convicted of the killing the same month Shulman made his threat.

“Mr. Shulman is in my prayers and I extend to him my personal forgiveness,” said Pavone who is identified as Victim-2 in the indictment.

The plea deal includes an agreement that prosecutors would not charge Shulman for possession of cyanide and two other deadly substances at the time of his arrest.

Shulman was a regular commenter on this blog under the moniker “SOMG,” among others. He also made several threats against Bryan Kemper, Gerard Nadal, Troy Newman, Lila Rose, Ken Scott, Cheryl Sullenger, myself and my pastor/church, which at one point required FBI protection. The Associated Press reports Shulman also faces a maximum fine of $250,000.

[HT: Moderator Carder; photos via New York Daily News]

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