This is a similar question on the topic of how to win the war against abortion to May 5’s, which analyzed the article, “Time to change pro-life tactics?”

Today we look at a May 25 post by pro-life blogger Jennie Stone, published at, entitled, “Hey Pro-lifers: Six things NOT to do to end abortion.” Your thoughts? Read on…

Using inflammatory language.

… Calling an abortion clinic an “abortuary” or a “murder mill” isn’t going to exactly entice a pro-choice advocate to listen to you when you want to discuss the reality of abortion. Even worse, calling them “pro-death” or “anti-life” will be taken as a personal threat and will shut them away from you completely.

Hating clinic workers.

I used to see abortion clinic workers as greedy, money-hungry people who enjoyed killing babies. I know that that mindset is not unique, either, and unfortunately, it still runs rampant. Abortion clinic workers are not the enemy….

When we stand outside a clinic and scream “murderer” or “baby-killer,” we have absolutely no chance of helping clinic workers transition out of the industry….

Fighting amongst ourselves.

Infighting among fellow pro-lifers is sometimes caused by differences in political opinion, but more often it is caused by differences of religious beliefs. Ridiculous rifts between Catholics and Protestants, believers and non-believers, are a detriment to the cause and do nothing but cause division among pro-lifers….

Judging abortion-minded women.

I wrote a blog about this last year. Let’s be honest: some people who call themselves pro-life are just plain cruel. And yes, I used to be guilty in this aspect….

When we encounter an abortion-minded woman, whether outside an abortion clinic or anywhere else, first and foremost, we cannot jump to judge her. We have to listen to these women, we have to show compassion, and we have to offer alternatives….

Condemning post-abortive women.

Post-abortive women have some of the most powerful testimonies in favor of life that we could ever imagine…. Post-abortive women are human beings, and they need to be treated like it. Their testimonies can save other women from a lifetime of regret and can save babies’ lives.

Staying silent.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” -Edmund Burke

If you are only silently pro-life, you are abetting the legal onslaught of the unborn. Regardless of your age, there are so many things you can do to put an end to abortion. Be a voice for those who do not yet have one. Be active in your convictions. The lives of the most vulnerable among us depend on your activism.

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