Listen, you fools. YOU DON’T SHUT ANYTHING DOWN. You keep going exactly as you have been, and you force those dirty rotten SOBs to literally storm your hospitals and shut YOU down at gunpoint.

And I’m not kidding.

Make them physically shut down your hospital by dragging you out at gunpoint. Make them physically shut down your schools. Make them shut down your university by force because you won’t cover abortions in your student health plan. Make them physically shut down your soup kitchens. Make them shut down your adoption agencies because you won’t hand a baby boy over to two men who like to jam various and sundry body parts up each others’ rectums.

In other words, STAND AND FIGHT.

~ Ann Barnhardt, admonishing the bishops to resist the healthcare mandates imposed by the Obama administration and the Department of Health and Human Services, Sancte Pater, May 25

[Hat Tip: moderator Gerard Nadal; photo of the execution of Father Francisco Vera courtesy of Monterey Traditional Latin Mass]

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