Breaking: Planned Parenthood throws in $1 million towel on Michigan mega-abortion clinic

UPDATE 6:45p: More from the Oakland Press:

Planned Parenthood has scrapped plans to open a clinic in Auburn Hills, settled a related lawsuit and put the building up for sale.

Planned Parenthood Mid and South Michigan CEO Lori Lamerand said the organization met its goal of having a presence in Oakland County in April when it opened a different health center in Ferndale….

Lamerand, who signed the amendment, said in an emailed statement that it was not a good use of donors’ resources to spend money on “frivolous litigation” rather than focus on meeting the health care needs of people in Oakland County….

The building on Opdyke is listed on the website of Jones Lang LaSalle, a firm that specializes in real estate services and investment management. The asking price is more than $1.1 million, but the building also could be leased, with the annual rent listed as negotiable.

9:45a: Planned Parenthood of Mid and South Michigan has given up on its underhanded attempt to open a 17,050 square foot mega-abortion clinic in Auburn Hills, Michigan, a huge pro-life victory.

Moreover, Planned Parenthood is now out at least $1 million and stuck with a boondoggle.


In November 2010 Planned Parenthood paid $733,151 cash for the unfinished shell and then tried to wiggle around a deed restriction by misrepresenting its planned use for the structure to adjacent hotel owners, who held the power over the restriction.

Planned Parenthood then preemptively sued the hotel owners after the couple became aware of PP’s duplicity and announced they planned to put up a fight.

As the legal wrangling ensued, the State of Michigan cancelled$200,000 grant it had earmarked to Planned Parenthood to help finish the structure, after the money wasn’t spent by the end of 2011.

Meanwhile, Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, led by Dr. Monica Miller, organized several protests at the site.

In January 2012 Planned Parenthood won Round 1 in court, but the hotel owners, aided by pro-life attorney Jim Carey, appealed.

But on May 18, 2012, Planned Parenthood unexpectedly dropped its lawsuit and agreed to an airtight deed restriction that bans “clinics providing abortion procedures” from using the building.

The new deed restriction was just made public yesterday, the same day Planned Parenthood offered the property up for lease.

Citizens for a Pro-Life Society speculates the reason Planned Parenthood gave up the fight:

Perhaps to avoid a lengthy appeals court process, PPMSM agreed to a newly-drawn covenant deed restriction…. Entering into such an agreement now frees the pro-abortion group to sell or at least lease out the disputed property – which appears to be exactly what has happened.

Planned Parenthood is now out the $733,151 it paid for the building, the $200,00 grant it lost, and at least $100,000 in legal fees, as speculated by pro-life real estate agent Dave Theisen of Real Estate for Life. It was Theisen who originally discovered the deed restriction.

Congratulations to Michigan pro-lifers for their hard work, which paid off in a major victory against Planned Parenthood and the saving of many lives.

[Photo via Anna Truckey]

47 thoughts on “Breaking: Planned Parenthood throws in $1 million towel on Michigan mega-abortion clinic”

  1. Turn it into a crisis pregnancy help center!!!!  Wonderful job to those pro-lifers.


  2. @Laura: If you could buy the property off PP, then…well, I’d still feel uneasy about giving them money, but that’d be better than leasing it from them.  I can’t imagine any CPC that would want Planned Parenthood for a landlord. *shudder*


  3. And amazingly (not) PP drops plans to do all the rest of the healthcare it so earnestly says it desires to do when abortion is not allowed on the premises. Again. If PP can’t do abortions, it shuts down everything else.


  4. Amen! Thank God! Whooo
    hoooo–doin’ the happy dance!  Whooo hooooo!!! “)


  5. This is awesome news. Just goes to show Planned Parenthood is loosing the battle and more and more people are aware of what is really going on. YAY!! we are praying to keep them out of our town and are busy with protests! This is the best news ever!


  6. I hope the building sits empty and PP never makes a dime off of it in a sale or in rent. I hope it just starts to fall apart and they’re slapped with fines for not keeping up the property.


  7. Gail FTW!

    If abortion is just 3% of services, why can’t it afford to open it without abortion?


  8. Fact Check:

    Planned Parenthood had not decided what services it would provide. Both sides appear happy with the settlement. A real estate broker said the property is in great shape


    Women can get their safe and legal abortions only 24 miles (30 minutes away) in Ferndale. Planned Parenthood is committed to opening up more centers in Oakland County.

    So you might want to tone down the Te Deum’s. 


  9. Whatever, CC. You must be so tired of having to defend and explain away. Why don’t you just take a break? Really.


  10. You must be so tired of having to defend and explain away.

    Actually, I find it quite invigorating and rather amusing. 


  11. CC- Courtnay is right.  It is a MEGA complex that won’t open. And the tiny one down the road–won’t/can’t do as many abortions as this one was going to.  The 3% is so dead on. If they weren’t going to do the surgical abortions, what were they going to do?  

    To refresh your memory:

    And what about these 13 PP?  Forced to operate under conditional license to see if they can actually meet the basic safety standards????

    Still doin’ the happy dance….whooo hooooo, whoooo hooooo.  When I see people whom support these places I must do a double take because it means they are truly ignorant to what is going on inside ASIDE from the abortions. Safe and Legal my A&&.  The abortion industry can be equated with auto reposession and skip tracing….dark, underworlds of our society.


  12. Abortion is 3% of services but at $300-$900 per procedure you can see why they decided to opt out of the facility.  No abortions, no $$$, no need to have the facility.


  13. If Planned Parenthood is doing abortions in Ferndale then they lied on their website when they said they do “abortion referrals” there.  CC, do you know something that the State of Michigan doesn’t?


  14. For all you folks doing the happy dance, you do realize that if abortion is banned in Michigan, abortion tolerant Canada is only a short distance. 


  15. Barb, you’re right. They only do referrals in Ferndale. So let’s see where the nearest “mill” is. Oh, it’s Detroit which is only 8 miles away. The Planned Parenthood site has a great tool for locating where you can get an abortion. Happy Dance…


  16. Oh, and if Planned Parenthood didn’t even figure out what services it would provide, how was it going to be a “mega-plex.” Oh, right, that’s another pro-life “projection.” But abortion mega-plexes would be fantastic. Maybe have post abortion massage and aroma-therapy. A juice bar would be a nice addition. And how bout comfort suites for those gals who have to travel from the bible states so that they can stay overnight. The possibilities are endless.


  17. CC, my “pro-choice” friends tell me that people with your perspective don’t really exist. I will refer them to these comments to show that you do, and that by identifying themselves as ‘pro-choice’, they are throwing their hat in with the likes of you.
    They won’t be pleased.


  18. PHC,

    Better link to this comment too while you’re at it, the next time anyone tries to argue that “nobody is actually pro-abortion”.


  19. The troll, cc, is up to her usual mischief. She pretends it is not that big of a victory for life, but in reality it is a great blow to the abortion industry and PP in particular any time a facility is shut down.  The breakers of death and demons that control the industry are furious anytime good wins over evil.

    And what is especially interesting about this closure due to code restrictions that very same issue will come before a judge in Aurora, IL.  PP built a non-profit abortion facility on a parcel where it is expressly prohibited.  The only reason it opened was because they had deceived city officials, but the case has been slowly winding its way through the courts and in the next few months we will be hearing much more about it. Look for that facility to shut down as well. 


  20. Excellent news.

    And I hope sometime soon the PP Aurora, IL abortion mill shuts down too.

    Also, as Jill mentioned in a post months ago, no business still wants to be PP’s neighbor in Orland Park, IL.  Can’t blame them at all.



  21. Heh, they were being devious. A “medical office” is not allowed?  The Deed that Jill posted explicitly states that  medical offices of  ALL kinds are allowed, as long as no abortions are performed. So PP lied to its followers in their news release. I find it hard to believe that PP didn’t know of the restriction B4 they bought the property. Also, if they truly dropped the Mega Plex becuase of the successful opening of Ferndale-WHY on earth did they bother in the first place?  The property was purchased in 2010. They had two years to figure out what to do B4 Ferndale opened.

      PP states:
    “An Oakland County Circuit Court judge ruled in December in favor of Planned Parenthood building its clinic on Opdyke Road, but the decision was appealed by lawyers for a hotel located behind the proposed clinic. They argue that a medical office is not allowed under an agreement signed between the hotel owner and the owner of the land when the land was sold more than a decade ago. It is not clear whether abortions would be performed in Auburn Hills.”


  22. Here are more BLATANT lies from PP:

    “Oakland County had no reproductive health care facility that serves patients on a sliding fee scale, organizers say.” (source below)

    However, when I do a search for Federally Qualified Health Centers around Ferndale–4 FOUR of them show up within a few miles!

    AND these centers: are “Federally-funded health centers care for you, even if you have no health insurance. You pay what you can afford, based on your income.”

    Source of PP quote: 

    One strategy to follow PP and its antics is to sign up for the various local level/county PP’s. They will send out newsletters and such to keep updated. It is a great way to keep an eye on them in your LOCAL community.  




  23. You realize that $733,151 is just a blip of the $485M that taxpayers give to PP each year, right?

    WE PAID FOR THAT BUILDING!  We should take possession of it.

    I’m sure that a good public use could be made of that building.  Or the taxpayers could sell it to a private interest and use the proceeds to reduce our deficit spending.


  24. Waaaay OT but I must share this!!!!  OMG.

     PP in Ferndale is planning on doing artificial insemination–is that standard for these clinics??????  The far reaching consequences for this are stomach turning. Imagine all the reasons that abortion is legal right now–and PP will be making babys on site–what? To abort the imperfect ones? To abort multiples? To abort girls? To abort because he might have 6 fingers? To abort for what every reason they feel compelled to? To make up for the lost cash of abortions? To make up for the anticipated fight (ban) for Telemed abortions? 
    “Although the clinic will not perform abortions, Planned Parenthood Mid and South Michigan CEO Lori Lamerand said the clinic will provide pap smears, birth control and HIV and STD testing and services. Services will include hormone therapies for transgender individuals and eventually, intrauterine insemination.”

    The irony of America’s largest abortion provider, helping provide life…..makes me feel sick to my stomach. 


  25. CC,
    You mean the Womancare clinic, run by infamous abortion quack, Alberto Hodari (who gets poor reviews from his patients and has a medical malpractice/illegal operations record 6 inches thick)?
    Schuette Files Suit to Close Unlicensed Abortion Clinic Malpractice & Sanctions Information
    <a href="" AA Hodari, MD

    Or how about Lewis H. Twigg Jr. of Summit Medical Center in Detroit, who has been reprimanded, fined, and placed on probation by the Michigan Board of Medicine due to negligence and violation of Public Health Code
    Twigg Disciplinary Action

    So much for “safe and legal” and quality care. Ladies, these abortion providers don’t care abou


  26. CC,
    You mean the Womancare clinic, run by infamous abortion quack, Alberto Hodari (who gets poor reviews from his patients and has a medical malpractice/illegal operations record 6 inches thick)?
    Schuette Files Suit to Close Unlicensed Abortion Clinic Malpractice & Sanctions Information
    <a href="" AA Hodari, MD

    Or how about Lewis H. Twigg Jr. of Summit Medical Center in Detroit, who has been reprimanded, fined, and placed on probation by the Michigan Board of Medicine due to negligence and violation of Public Health Code
    Twigg Disciplinary Action

    So much for “safe and legal” and quality care. Ladies, many abortion providers don’t care about you, in fact they’ll spend very little time with you before the procedure and offer little in the ways of follow-up care afterwords, all they care about is getting your money. Do your own research and look out for your own wellbeing and look into alternative resources available to you in your community before choosing abortion.


  27. And may they find more ways to waste bloodmoney in the future!  too bad it’s a drop in the bucket for them.


  28. While i’m pro life, I find it sad as this money could have been used to provide low cost birth control to women instead of in a court room. Pregnancy resource centers do nothing to prevent unwanted pregnancy except encourage abstinence. I really doubt the married women who have abortions are going to abstain. 


  29. Melissa,

    Women don’t need BC! They can use NFP, natural family planning. It takes nothing but a thermometer.  NFP costs nothing, has 0 risk, has 0 controversy and no one else needs to pay for it! 


  30. Yeah i used NFP charted and checked temps does work all to well for everyone. 


  31. Although I will admit that when used effectively the failure rate is the same as the pill. I’m just the lucky one who had NFP even though used correctly. Which i think had to do with shift work and never having the same sleep schedule.


  32. Also, Melissa, women are free to get low cost birth control with the help of the local health department that doesn’t make a mint every year killing children in the womb.


  33. That’s probably because it gets taxpayer funding, which other clinics could use to provide the same services if they received the money instead of Planned Parenthood.


  34. Pregnancy Resource Centers give mothers the WHOLE TRUTH about their unborn children and do NOT lead these poor&vulnerable women to KILL them. I highly believe that’s a hell of a lot BETTER than the LYING,CHEATING&STEALING that they get from pp. ANY woman, whether single, married OR divorced, is capable of having the dignity&integity&self-respect for herself to do whatever it takes that does not lead her to kill her unborn child, if only given the chance by others and not be expected to act like an animal of inferior intelligence.  Just because the world tells you to look,act&sound like a prostitute, NEVER means you have to.


  35. I am so thankful that we as a pro-life community have this win.  The thing that bothers me most is where did PP get that grant?  Are my tax dollars going to fund this sort of horrible abomination?  I am horrified.  That also needs to stop! 
    Way to go Michigan! 


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