I reported in January that pro-life activists in the Tampa Bay area of the Florida Pro-Life Network had picketed a performance by country singer Jodell Nauert, lead singer of of JoDell and the Mountain Road Band.

This is because Jodell is co-owner of three abortion clinics she inherited from her abortionist husband George when he died in 2007: Bread and Roses in Clearwater, All Women’s Health Center of St. Petersburg, and All Women’s Health Center of Tampa.

Now pro-life group Lifeguards has joined with the FPLN to continue dogging JoDell.

You could call them groupies of a different sort.

On June 15, the pro-life activists protested a release party for JoDell’s new cd, entitled JoDell, at the Carrollwood Cultural Center in Tampa (Warning: Vulgarity)…


Next the pro-life groups are planning an “Operation Flyer Works Extravaganza” at JoDell’s June 30 gig at The Angelus in Hudson. They plan to distribute flyers among the crowd.

The irony here is stark. The Angelus is a charitable organization that cares for disabled adults, both in group home and day care settings. JoDell (pictured right) apparently named her Christmas cd after the home. This performance will be a fundraising event. JoDell appears to have a heart for disabled born people but makes good money for murdering disabled preborn people, as well as healthy.

The Angelus has been made aware of JoDell’s killing clinics but refuses to cut ties with her.

As the pro-lifers wrote on their Facebook page promoting their next protest, “We applaud The Angelus for caring about disabled children. This event is only to inform supporters that an entertainer is in their midst who takes part in killing of the disabled ones whom The Angelus seeks to protect.”

JoDell needs to decide whether owning abortion clinics is worth the negative impact on her country music career. Because that’s just “How It’s Gonna Be”


No justice, no peace.

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