On June 5 Voice of Choice’s Todd Stave received an email complaining that pro-life activist Tony Massey was harassing caterers delivering orders from Udi’s Foods in Denver to the Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains mega-abortion clinic.

The reason I know the date Stave received that email is because in actuality it came from Tony, who decided to conduct a little reconnaissance mission to test Voice of Choice’s potency.

As I’ve written previously (here, here, and here) Stave launched Voice of Choice last fall to retaliate against pro-lifers who protest at abortion clinics and homes of abortionists. To that end Stave distributes personal information of targeted pro-lifers to abortion proponents with encouragement to harass them.

For this Stave has garnered accolades from the Washington Post, Rachel Maddow, and Howard Stern. In March NARAL bestowed Todd with the Jan Yanehiro Speak Out for Choice Award.

Last October Stave launched “The Denver Project,” because those vociferous pro-lifers in the Mile High City are particularly onerous to the other side. After targeting seven of our activists, Stave claimed two weeks later:

Today, as a result of thousands Voice of Choice volunteers, the active protesters in Denver number HALF their ranks….

In reality, the seven received an average of 32 calls each, which they actually thrived on:

Imagine our delight when we realized that the lost were calling us!  What an awesome opportunity to share the gospel along with the truth about abortion.  Answering the phone is much easier than standing on the street or going door to door.  One woman who called admitted that she believes that late term abortion is murder.  She had no idea that Todd Stave rents to a late term abortionist.  Dozens of people, who otherwise would not have heard the gospel, heard it today, thanks to Todd Stave.  There is just one problem; some of the Denver pro lifers that didn’t make the list are upset.  They want in on the phone witnessing bonanza too.

I know these pro-life activists and can verify they would relish calls from abortion proponents. Stave knew they could be very persuasive, which is why he specified, “DO NOT ARGUE WITH THEM,” i.e., do not trust your pro-abortion ideology enough to engage the other side.

So most certainly pro-life numbers did not shrink. I’m told on average 5-6 pro-lifers protest at the Denver mill Monday through Friday, with anywhere from 20-300 Catholics, depending on the occasion, praying there on Saturdays. Here’s a photo of the core group in January…

But back to Tony. He was upset about Stave’s mischaracterization of the results of his “Denver Project,” which is what prompted his undercover sting via alias “Brandie McMillian.”

Stave did not verify Brandie’s authenticity, and on June 7 wrote the pseudo-Udi’s employee that the following email was being sent to “10k people,” which I, as one of the 10k, did indeed receive…

… and also tweeted:

One of the phone numbers was wrong, but whatever. Bottom line is as of yesterday Tony had received a whopping 18 calls, and four of them came from pro-lifers wishing him well. The video of Tony’s that Stave reposted has been viewed only 109 times:


I’m not sure why Stave posted the video. The only notoriety it brings is upon Udi’s and Planned Parenthood, certainly not pro-lifers. Pro-lifers want the world to hear Tony’s messages.

And I doubt Udi’s is anxious for this kind of publicity, since one of its divisions was coincidentally bought out by Smart Balance on June 1.  I’m sure if Todd had bothered to ask  Udi’s, it would have told him not to do what he did. I expect the last thing either Udi’s or Smart Balance wants is to have links connecting Udi’s to the abortion giant pop up first on Google.

Kudos to Tony Massey for his willingness to take heat to expose a ruse.

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