This week, no surprise, Planned Parenthood Action Fund endorsed President Barack Obama for reelection.

But a lot has happened since the group endorsed Obama in 2008.

Only four years ago Planned Parenthood enjoyed a sunny reputation.

But in that short span of time Planned Parenthood has racked up a rap sheet of fraud, Medicaid overbilling, statutory rape cover-upviolating safety standards, falsifying medical information, facilitating underage prostitution and sex trafficking, medical malpractice, accepting donations earmarked to abort black babies, huge $1 billion annual profits, and more.

Of course, this week Planned Parenthood was also exposed as an aider and abetter of sex selection abortions.

Furthermore, Planned Parenthood is now under congressional investigation.

Finally, ever since Obama, Democrats, Planned Parenthood, and the abortion industry launched their campaign accusing Republicans of engaging in a “war on women” earlier this year, Obama’s standing among women has plummeted. This week brought only more bad news for that strategy, an ABC/Washington Post poll. Click to enlarge:

The poll further noted:

All Romney’s gains have come among women – up by 13 percetnage points in personal popularity from last month, whole Obama’s lost 7 points among women. (View among men have been more stable….

So, given Planned Parenthood’s baggage, in conjunction with its message, do you think an endorsement from the abortion giant will be perceived as an asset or liability among the American people?

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