UPDATE 9:22a: philipklein tweet: “SCOTUS: ‘The Medicaid expansion thus violates the Constitution’– says states have choice on participating in expansion.'” SCOTUSblog tweet: “Expansion of Medicaid is constitutional (key), but States can’t be stripped of funds for not complying with expansion provisions.”

UPDATE 9:17a: The individual mandate will become a tax. Taxpayers will still be forced to pay for abortions. SCOTUSblog tweet: “From the Court: The mandate max [may?] be regarded as a tax. ‘That is sufficient to sustain it.'” philipaklein tweeet: “SCOTUS: Mandate ‘may reasonably be characterized as a tax.’ It survives.”

UPDATE 9:15a: The mandate is constitutional. Chief Roberts joined four liberal justices for majority opinion. SCOTUSblog tweet: “CJ Roberts fifth SCOTUS vote saved the ACA.”

UPDATE 10:13 a: Medicaid provision limited but not invalidated.

UPDATE 10:10a: Correction – Individual mandate is UPHELD as a tax. Said to be constitutional. Court rules individual mandate will become a tax. It appears the law will stand – not under Commerce Clause of Constitution but taxing powers of Congress.

UPDATE 10:08a: The individual mandate has been ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

9:42a: The Supreme Court’s decision on the Obamacare mandate is due at 10a EST. I’ll post it as I learn it.

As a reminder, the Court’s options are:

  1. Punt (say law can’t be challenged until people have paid the tax)
  2. Strike down the mandate
  3. Strike down the mandate and anything linked to it
  4. Strike down the Medicaid expansion
  5. Strike down the entire law
  6. Uphold the entire law

According to a poll I have running, most of you think the Supremes will choose #5 – strike down the entire law. We can only hope.

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