6/9, 8:40a: Fox News provided great coverage of the Rally for Religious Freedom in Washington, D.C.:


CatholicVote.org has photos from rallies around the country.

StandUpForReligiousFreedom.com is reporting crowd totals of 45,409 so far of 99 cities reporting.

The rally I attended in Chicago featured a jazz band, balloon trees, a flash mob, and confetti. It was awesome. Speakers on the dais included a Jewish rabbi, Muslim, Protestant pastor, and Catholic priest. The fight is not about contraception, as the Obama administration would have Americans believe. It is about religious freedom.

Eric Scheidler and his crew at Pro-Life Action League did a great job organizing all of these events.

6/8, 9:23a: Today, for the second time, pro-lifers in 164 cities from coast to coast will Stand Up for Religious Freedom to protest President Obama’s healthcare mandate, which will force religious entities to provide contraceptives, abortion drugs, and sterilization in their insurance plans. All rallies will start at noon local time.

I will be speaking at the rally in Chicago, which promises a delightful surprise!

Check out locations, all of which are at federal buildings across the country, and plan to attend the nearest rally now. These are historic times. Be a part of the resistance!

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