G’Day from Australia, pro-life mates! Rich and I arrived in Melbourne 15 hours ago after just as long a flight from Los Angeles.

Let me also be the first to wish you Happy Independence Day, since the clock just struck midnight July 4 here.

I look forward to speaking  around the country for the next two weeks.

In Australia the legal status of abortion is determined on a state-by-state basis, like the U.S. pre-Roe. In Victoria, where I’m at currently, abortion, including partial-birth abortion, is basically available on demand partially through delivery. Earlier this year two Australian “ethicists” made headlines for advocating “after birth abortion,” otherwise known as infanticide.

So Australian pro-lifers have their work cut out for them. Pray I can be of assistance and encouragement.

I’ll blog when I can. Meanwhile the great volunteers overseeing the Quote of the Day, Pro-life Video of the Day, Pro-Life News Briefs, and Pro-Life Blog Buzz will carry on.

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