Obama administration’s harassment of pro-lifers gets personal

On July 13 FBI agents Conrad Rodriguez and William Sivley paid a visit to my son-in-law, Andy Moore, at his home.

Andy is a pro-life activist who prays and protests outside the Southwestern Women’s Surgery Center abortion mill in Dallas, where late-term abortionist Curtis Boyd freely acknowledges he “kill[s]” children.

Agents Rodriguez and Sivley told Andy three red flags prompted their visit:

  1. His use of a megaphone outside the mill, a one-time event on March 31, which he stopped and never repeated after police told him he was violating a noise ordinance.
  2. A complaint by the clinic manager that Andy trespassed, which he did not. There was no evidence, yet police gave Andy a warning: “I asked the officer multiple times, ‘Why are you giving me this warning, as I did not trespass?’ All he would tell me was, ‘I’m giving you this warning.’ He did not answer my question.”
  3. Unsubstantiated complaints that Andy may be too aggressive. “One of the agents told me it is acceptable to be aggressive, however there is a line. He gave examples of things which would cross the line, such as making threats of violence, or obstructing vehicle access – violations of the FACE act. I told him in no uncertain terms that I had never done anything like this and had not considered anything like this either.”

Obviously, the charges rose to the level of nada to begin with, certainly not above local law enforcement’s pay grade. Thankfully, Andy videotaped his one and only foray into megaphoning, which was clearly tame and polite:

YouTube Preview Image

But the FBI used these as an excuse to knock on the door, nerve-wracking to begin with, and followed by asking totally inappropriate questions clearly aimed at intimidating Andy, while also launching into a  fishing expedition about me. Per Andy and my daughter, who was home at the time,  here were questions the agents asked:

  • What affiliations do you have including church groups?
  • How long have you known your wife?
  • What belief system makes you believe in your cause?
  • What is your goal in protesting?
  • Do you know why people would make complaints against you?
  • Are there friends of yours or people you’re connected with that you could confidentially tell us are aggressive or abrasive? “Don’t be afraid to tell us.”
  • Are you involved in activism in Austin, since we noticed some entries on abortionwiki?
  • They were REALLY interested in the connection to Jill Stanek – details of internship, New Zealand speaking tour visit, did you get your activist and pro-life ideas from her? Did she train or teach you? Did you meet Jill before or after you became involved in the movement? Was it Jill who “fired you up” to become so active in the movement?
  • They were overly nice saying he wasn’t in trouble and feel free to tell us anything. Encouraged him to keep going back out there, that they represent both sides. ++they are protecting his freedom of speech++ is what they kept saying.
  • They said their task force that deals with these abortion cases also handles Hate Crimes and White Supremacy. Odd grouping with pro-lifers.
  • They knew he was an immigrant.  They said a felony on his record could/would get him deported. “You wouldn’t want to be apart from your wife and newborn.”

Life Legal Defense Fund, one of the pro-life legal firms that has successfully defended pro-lifers against prosecution by Obama’s Department of Justice, has now taken Andy under its wing. Senior Staff Counsel, Allison Aranda, shared her insights in an email:

The Obama administration is essentially engaging in a witch hunt.  From the moment the new administration took office, the DOJ has been targeting peaceful pro-life sidewalk counselors.  They have come out guns blazing on several occasions often bringing allegations that could later not be substantiated or in some cases clearly proven to be false.  Their weapon of choice – the FACE act.  The DOJ is using tactics that amount to legal extortion.  They have filed these frivolous claims against innocent people who don’t have the finances to hire big shot attorneys.  The DOJ then kindly offers to settle the case if the counselor simply agrees to stay so many yards away and pay a couple thousand dollar fine.

Pro-bono legal foundations like LLDF, Alliance Defending Freedom, and Liberty Counsel have taken a stand to defend these innocent pro-lifers.  Thankfully the sidewalk counselors have either had witnesses or video evidence to defend their actions.  The DOJ has outright dismissed charges in two cases, walking away with egg on their face.  In one case, a federal court judge issued a scathing opinion questioning the motives of the DOJ for bringing such unsubstantiated charges in the first place.  The judge suggested that there might have been a conspiracy between the government and the abortion clinic to violate the free speech rights of the pro-life advocates.

It now seems that the unscrupulous Eric Holder is at it again.  This time when the government determined that the evidence wasn’t quite what they thought it would be to proceed on a FACE claim against Andy, they turned their intimidating interrogation into a fishing expedition about the personal life of Jill Stanek.  Targeted bullying by our government because of an individual’s viewpoint and willingness to share that message in the public square is intolerable.  LLDF is committed to aggressively defending the rights of pro-life advocates.  We will not back down, and we will not be threatened.  We will continue to fight so that the freedoms of all are protected and preserved.

It stands to reason that the Obama administration would be interested in me.  This has probably been a long time coming.  But to reiterate Allison’s point, we will not back down, and we will not be threatened.

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  1. Wow. I would think Holder would be too busy keeping documents from the Fast And Furious investigators to be doing things like this.


  2. Last week, Vice President Biden asked the NAACP to envision “what a Romney Justice Department would look like.”

    I’m envisioning it, and it looks like the opposite of what’s happened to you and Andy. 


  3. The photo at the top of this thread is a picture of the biggest disater and disgrace to ever hold office in this country.  That smug look on his face makes me want to vomit.


  4. I’m so glad he’s gotten legal assistance!

    I guess Obama’s jobs plan is to create trumped-up and unsubstantiated charges against people who think that babies are blessings and not punishments, and make DOJ and Secret Service employees investigate same.


  5. “you wouldn’t want to be apart from your wife and newborn”…..wow….
    That’s a “thinly-veiled”  THREAT if I ever heard one!
    THANK YOU, Andy and Jill for standing up for those who can’t stand up for themselves. For standing up for LIFE.


  6. This sounds like a harassment case to me.  If no crime has been committed, and you are not being detained (questioned in custody and not free to leave at any time of your choosing), then most of these questions are way out of line.  If you have any record of this happening, you may have grounds to file a report with your local police department.


  7. Insanity! 

    How many proaborts are being interrogated today?

    I am sorry this has happened to you!!  How frightening and frustrating!! 



  8. If Jill were to conduct a survey of local 40 days for life leaders and others in local pro-life groups, she will find that this kind of intimidating practice is very prevalent.


  9. Wow,

    I would have refused to answer these questions. They are very intrusive and inappropriate. If the FBI shows up again, have you son-in-law tell them that he will chat in the presence of his lawyer and when they have something formal to talk about.


  10. Agreed with Michael and Alice. Also, I hope Andy plans to record his pro-life activities from here on out, just in case.


  11. Holy cow, Jill! You know you must really be onto something to get THAT kind of attention. Peaceful, lawful, intelligent, compassionate protesting against the cult of death is beginning to take a toll. 


  12. Let me get this straight. A police officer in Arizona who has stopped someone can’t determine whether or not they are illegal immigrants, but FBI agents can warn an immigrant not to cause any trouble lest they be deported away from their wife and child?


  13. Simple solution:  Stand outside the clinic in Black Panther gear holding a billy club.  This administration is sure to leave you alone.


  14. … this is the United States of America that we’re talking about here, right?  The land that purports to be a bastion of liberty and freedom of thought and speech for all, regardless of how unpopular one’s viewpoint may be?

    I wish I could say I was surprised, but this is simply the natural progression of action for pro-aborts; when people are determined to separate consequence from action – and thereby, truly, to live apart from reality – and they see their quality of life as contingent on that separation, it makes morbidly-perfect sense that they would attack anything that threatens this.

    Is it any wonder then that the more rabidly (a word I don’t use lightly) pro-abortion one becomes, the less sound logic and reason there is to be found in one’s viewpoint and therefore, by corollary, one’s arguments?

    Honestly, we have a man protesting across the street from a facility that provides a “service” to women who, according to pro-aborts, are innately fully informed and perfectly capable of making the best decision for themselves, regardless of their life circumstances.  How twisted does you worldview have to be in order for that man to be so threatening as to warrant sending the FBI after him on false charges and categorizing him in with actual terrorists?

    Sad, but hardly unexpected.

    Lady Jill, if Andy asks, I would say that this is cause to re-double his efforts, as they are obviously having an effect.


  15. To assure everyone, yes, Andy’s attorneys have recommended that he not attend a clinic protest again without a video camera in hand and that he not answer any FBI/police questions again without an attorney present.


  16. I am sure that even the ACLU would be disgusted by this government intimidation and abuse of power to squelch free speech and free ideas.


  17. So I take it that all the real crimes in America have been solved, so law enforcement has loads of time to waste. [/sarcasm]


  18. Um, this is how the FBI treats potential terrorists. With the violent history of the anti-choice movement, you can’t be too careful. It’s not like they imprisoned him or anything. 

    And yes, this fits with hate crimes, duh.  


  19. I guess people forgot about John Ashcroft’s DOJ and its treatment of prochoicers during Bush’s first term.


  20. should others be briefed on this? what are my rights if they come knocking on my door?  I really don’t care to answer any of their questions?  can I do that?  What do I risk? Will anyone bail me out and/or help take care of my family? lol  November can’t come any sooner, can it? ugh…


  21. The DOJ targeted Jill a while ago by sending Ex-RINO and CC to the blog.


  22. Bobbi says:
    July 17, 2012 at 8:39 pm
    Um, this is how the FBI treats potential terrorists. With the violent history of the anti-choice movement, you can’t be too careful. It’s not like they imprisoned him or anything. 

    And yes, this fits with hate crimes, duh.

    What fits with hate crimes? What crime was committed? Why did the as yet unnamed crime merit the attention of federal law enforcement?


  23. “Um, this is how the FBI treats potential terrorists. With the violent history of the anti-choice movement, you can’t be too careful.”

    Always nice to get a lecture about violence from a member of a movement that has killed over 50 million people.


  24. “did you get your activist and pro-life ideas from her?” [mother]

    when they come to question me, i am going to put my mom on the phone with them. or ask her to come over, and declare her views, and how they are not my views. that will be fun. 


  25. “The DOJ targeted Jill a while ago by sending Ex-RINO and CC to the blog.”

    If that’s not cruel and unusual punishment, I don’t know what is.  


  26. the sad thing is that we liberals should immediately snap into outrage mode at these gestapo tactics, but we don’t.

    there was that old saying, ‘i don’t believe in what you say, but i will defend to the death your right to say it.’

    i appreciate the fact that, generally, it seems like conservatives still hold this value.      


  27. Jill,  I’m so proud of you!  I am Rhonda’s husband.  This is a very informative article and should show a lot of people the agenda the POTUS has.  His agenda goes just as deep in the 2nd amendment rights we as Americans share.  We just need to make sure his term ends this November and he does not et re-elected.  God bless you in all you set your hand to.


  28. Um, this is how the FBI treats potential terrorists. With the violent history of the anti-choice movement, you can’t be too careful.

    Then how is it that hundreds of thousands of these “potential terrorists” have taken to the streets of Washington D.C. once a year, every year, for the past several decades yet haven’t killed the president or bombed the Planned Parenthood clinic that they march past?


  29. This fits with the hate crimes? Really? And what group would we be hating on, exactly? Women? Because, the Pro-Life movement isn’t made up primarily of women or anything…right? Puh-leeze.


  30. Same thing happened to me on May 25. As I was backing out of my driveway to go to work, a black Dodge Charger or Challenger rolled up on me. A FBI agent stepped out and chatted me up with many of the same type of questions.


  31. @Erik Whittington: I will preface this with the IANAL disclaimer.  However, I am 99.625% positive that if you don’t care to answer a question, then it doesn’t matter if it is put to you by a law enforcement officer or not: you can not be compelled to.  I’m not sure there is ever a point where that stops being true.  Having the “right to remain silent” is something that remains true even if someone is being questioned and is not free to go, and the Bill of Rights includes a guarantee that no one can be forced to incriminate themselves even in court.  You are not required to talk to any law enforcement officers, you don’t have to let them into your house unless they have a warrant, and you don’t have to go with them unless they have a warrant.

    @truthseeker: LOL. Having CC be a plant would be so believable from Holder’s DOJ. Every new thing I hear about OFF makes me facepalm.


  32. Hey FBI.  If you are reading this; here is an anti-abortion hate song I wrote.  You can put it in my file.  It is about a women entering a Family Reduction Center to stop her babies ‘development’

    Step, right in miss. Please have a seat.
    Sign these papers that you agree, to terminate your pregnancy.
    And murder, the baby. Don’t murder the baby.
    Don’t murder, the baby. Don’t murder, the baby.

    Lie down on the gurnee. Raise up your knees.
    We’re going to start an IV. Let us know if you feel any pain.
    While we murder, the baby. Don’t murder the baby.
    Don’t murder, the baby. Don’t murder, the baby.

    We won’t leave no baby ears. No baby eyes no little baby nose.
    No itsy bitsy baby fingers. No cute little baby toes.
    When we murder, the baby. Don’t murder the baby.
    Don’t murder, the baby. Don’t murder, the baby.

    You won’t have to know. We’ll turn the ultrasound from your face.
    So when we grab your baby.  You won’t see her kittle heart beat race.
    While we murder, the baby. Don’t murder the baby.
    Don’t murder, the baby. Don’t murder, the baby.

    Take some more of these pills. They make the baby come real fast.
    Looks like the abortionist is gonna be late. We’ll stuff your baby in a plastic bag.
    When we murder, the baby. Don’t murder the baby.
    Don’t murder, the baby. Don’t murder, the baby.

    Slide the scissors up the spine. To the bottom of the baby’s head.
    Poke them in, then open wide. Suck your baby’s brains out until he’s dead.
    When we murder, the baby. Don’t murder the baby.
    Don’t murder, the baby. Don’t………..
    And here is videotape evidence
    I have a few new verses I added since then that I can play for you at my interrogation.


  33. Here’s what I plan to say the next time the FBI rolls up on me:

    Heavy Sigh . . .Is this because I put that flag stamp upside down on my mail?

    Honestly, I have no idea where Jimmy Hoffa is buried or who killed those two FBI agents on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation.

    What do guys at the Bureau think of the movie J. Edgar? 


  34. When you stand for righteousness, the hounds of fallen men will pursue you!
    Don’t grow tired doing good!
    Bless those who try to save the children, as those who support child sacrifice are already cursed! They just have so much time to repent……Just some thoughts…..    


  35. I suspect Bobbi is one of these people who doesn’t actually know what the term hate crime means, but uses it because she knows it means something bad. You know, the same way some of our favorite trolls use the terms misogny and patriarchy. 


  36. Erik: should others be briefed on this? what are my rights if they come knocking on my door?  I really don’t care to answer any of their questions?  can I do that?  What do I risk? Will anyone bail me out and/or help take care of my family? lol  November can’t come any sooner, can it? ugh…

    As Alice said, according to the Constitution, you have the right to remain silent and I would recommend you *not* answering questions without legal counsel. HOWEVER… this administration doesn’t seem to know the Constitution from last month’s bank statement (they don’t look at either, evidently)… so … I guess answer at your own risk. Legally, though, you should never be forced to answer. It’s just that with these guys, you never know, what with their flagrant disregard of the Constitution and all. Get yourself a pocket Constitution, book mark that page, and if people questions, politely show them  your rights and smile sweetly.


  37. Jill, I just want to say I’m proud of you and your daughter and son. Carry on! I’ve shared this article with many of my friends because it’s so important for us to know what we’re up against!

    You’re on the right path. When I emailed this article to my husband, he emailed me back with these verses:

    I was reminded of these verses: Matthew 5:11-12 “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.  Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.” We know God’s in control. This guy’s a hero and I hope he keeps it up!

    Just wanted to share that with you, Jill, because we who fight for life and are persecuted for it, however lightly, are indeed being persecuted for Him.

    The very fact that we’re being persecuted means we’re on the right track.


  38. My fellow sidewalk counselor has had the FBI visit her home within the past year.  They told her that they were on the way over to my house after visiting her (never did showed up at my house) I called our lawyer after finding this out and he advised me NOT to invite them into my home.  How often is this happening to those of us who are out in front of abortion mills?  What kind of a world do we live in that our own President is on a crusade to label us as terrorists?  


  39. What more evidence do we need of our resident trolls depravity than their silence?  If they were true Americans they would be outraged at this politically motivated harrassment. Alas they are not outraged because their minds are numbed, their morals compromised,  and they are robotic in their support of the fraudster. This is the hold that Obama has on people and it is scary. Anything that the fraudster or anyone in his administration does or says is fine by them. 

    The task before us is clear. We must thoroughly repudiate Obama and his entire corrupt administtation on November 6.  We must have a repeat of the 2010 elections and work unceasingly in the months and years ahead to restore our Republic to the principles and values upon which it was founded.     


  40. I would not be surprised if they had a formal name for this like Operation Sanger. What comes next?  Endless detention at Guantanamo Bay for being “enemy combatants” in the trumped up “war on women”?  


  41. This smells like communism to me. Christianity is never safe in any country around the world. Andy you and the DOJ are in my prayers.
    God bless America, from Ireland


  42. Joanne, it’s funny you’d mention that. They talk as if we started the “war on women”, but they’re the ones who keep using violent and otherwise aggressive tactics. 


  43. Christ Promised that in the end times, that Good will become evil, and evil good. He also warned “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil”. Jesus has won the war for us…it is in our own hands to win the battles…the battles for Life, Truth, and Justice.


  44. After reading about the harassing of Andy Moore I read a brief report of Andy Moore being fatally hit by a car TODAY while taking part in a pro-life walk. The same? Jill’s son-in-law? Horrible! Cannot be a coincidence!!!! Oh, what has happened to our country?


  45. While I would welcome clarification from Lady Jill in this matter, Lady Lou, I don’t think they’re the same person.

    And I feel that I should point out that this is not at all intended to belittle you, but instead to prevent all of us (yes, myself included) from jumping to conclusions.

    Jill’s son-in-law lives (or at least operates) in or very near Dallas, while the young man who was tragically killed was from California.  It’s possible I’ve misinterpreted the information available to me (it wouldn’t be the first time and likely wouldn’t be the last), but this seems very simple.

    I could get into theories of conspiracy and retaliation on the part of the pro-aborts, but they would probably remain just that: theories.

    Let us not become actual fear-mongers as we are sometimes accused, but rather reserve our response until the details of the situation are made known.  After all, the proven and documented accounts of violence and oppression on account of the pro-abortion mentality are more than sufficient to highlight its incompatibility with any civilized society.

    That is what has happened to our countries.


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