Kudos to CBS Chicago for investigating the death of Tonya Reaves after her abortion at a Chicago Planned Parenthood (pictured right) on July 20.

The timeline, according to documents the news organization obtained:

11:00a: Reaves had a D&E, or dilation and evacuation abortion procedure, wherein her baby’s body was removed piece by piece

4:30p: Reaves was taken by ambulance to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

5:30p: After an ultrasound, Reaves got another dilation and evacuation abortion at Northwestern for an unspecified reason, likely for either an incomplete abortion or to try to stop the bleeding.

Sometime later: “More problems, and pain” warrant another ultrasound, when a “perforation,” i.e., puncture, apparently of the uterus, was discovered.

10:12p: Reaves was taken back to the operating room, where “an uncontrollable bleed was discovered.”

11:20p: Reaves was pronounced dead in the O.R.

Now, according to Planned Parenthood’s website, two germane items: D&Es take 10-20 minutes, and recovery is “about one hour”…

This means Reaves was kept at Planned Parenthood three to four hours longer than the norm.

This will all come out in court – if Reaves’ family indeed sues, or if they don’t settle out of court and allow documents to be sealed – but it appears obvious Reaves exhibited complications that kept her at the clinic, and Planned Parenthood tried to contain the damage until it got out of control.

I expect that since they both did D&Es, Planned Parenthood and Northwestern will accuse each other of being the ones that perforated Reaves’ uterus, particularly since Northwestern didn’t discover the perforation until after its own D&E.

Northwestern also should anticipate being sued for what looks like a lot of lag time, lax treatment, and a potential missed diagnosis on its part.

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