Breaking: SBA List launches tv ad in Missouri spotlighting Obama’s opposition to Born Alive Act

UPDATE 8/29, 6:55a: Drudge Report has been featuring the SBA List ad since yesterday, which is wonderful for publicity…

8/28, 11:10a: Kudos to the Susan B. Anthony List for working so hard to educate the public – and mainstream media – just who it is that is extreme on abortion: Barack Obama and the Democrat Party.

I’m currently on a “Women Speak Out: Abortion is NOT Health Care” bus tour of battleground states with the SBA List team.

And today SBA List launched a new television ad in Missouri spotlighting Obama’s opposition as state senator to the Illinois Born Alive Infant Protection Act

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SBA List is investing $150,000 for the initial television ad buy. It features abortion survivor Melissa Ohden, an awesome pro-life advocate I met on the tour a few days ago.

SBA List purposefully chose Missouri to launch the ad to redirect the conversation starting by Todd Akin to the real radical on abortion, our current president.

“In light of the recent national discussion over abortion, it’s important Americans know the President’s best-kept secret: his extreme record on abortion.  Melissa Ohden’s powerful story draws a stark contrast to his unbending support of abortion and the abortion industry and reveals the human face to this debate.” said SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser in a statement. “President Obama’s appalling record on abortion is not just limited to his four votes to deny rights to abortion survivors but spans to his recent heartless refusal to support bans on sex-selection and late-term abortions. These actions fly in the face of mainstream American views and run counter to the President’s first term pre-election talk of finding common ground. Recent polling reveals the majority of Americans support bans on these horrific practices.”

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  1. I just viewed this pro-life advertisement by Susan B. Anthony regarding Obama’s radical pro-abortion, post abortion life denying agenda toward babies born alive after a failed abortion attempt. I am glad that the advertisement is running and I agree and am glad that it is running in Missouri for strategic reasons.


  2. seriously, pro-aborts…have you guys noticed that most of the children who are directly physically harmed or targeted as prospective abortion victims…have you guys not noticed that most of them are FEMALES? What about THEIR rights?


  3. I always wonder what pro-aborts would say to abortion survivors. They are conspicuously silent, as they are when abortion doctors are caught performing illegal, late term abortions.
    Their silence over the Kermit Gosnell trial is deafening.


  4. Oh, the pro-aborts had plenty to say over Gosnell.  They blamed pro-lifers for him, among other things.  I don’t know how, but I’m sure somehow, it would also be the fault of the pro-life movement for any suffering of abortion survivors.


  5. Via the Husaria

    Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., called the bill unnecessary but said he and other Democrats would support it anyway.”The courts have been clear,” Nadler said. “There is no such thing as a right to a live-birth abortion. A baby born alive is a baby, a human being under the terms of the law in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. This bill merely restates that, so we have no problem with it.”


  6.    Abortion is not health care ? Trying to force women to give birth to children they will never be able to take care of is health care? Trying to restrict access to contraceptives   is health care ?   Wanting to make all contraceptives illegal, which many anti-choicers want th egovernment to do is health care ?   Eliminating government funds to help the poor is health care? This is exactly what Romeny and Ryan want to do .  Making laws  reqiring women who are the victims of rape and incest to give birth  is hjealth care?  Making laws forcing women to give birth even if a pregnancy would kill them or permanently ruin their helath is health care ?
    Don’t make me sick !  


  7.   The republican party is anti-choice, anti-freedom,anti-equality,, antihealth care,
    anti woman, anti-children, anti everything that  is good for America .
    It is pro rich people, anti poor people, pro  unlimited power for the government to pry into people’s bedrooms  and women’s reproductive organization despite the fact that republicans claim to be for “limited government”.  It claims to believe that “all men are created equal – Unloess they happen to be homosexuals .
    So many anti-choicers wail about the “slaughter of the unborn in the womb,”  ,
    yet  any fetuses who grow up to be homosexual  meet with nothing but bigotry and hatred from them.  (Not all).
       The repupblican party is the most evil,corrupt and dangerous organization in the world . And while the democratic party is far from perfect, it is nowhere near as  horrible as the republicans .


  8. Here is a clip from Rick Santorum’s speech at the RNC last night.  Dedicated to Ex-RINO:
    Four and a half years ago I stood over a hospital isolette staring at the tiny hands of our newborn daughter who we hoped was perfectly healthy. But Bella’s hands were just a little different – and I knew different wasn’t good news.
    The doctors later told us Bella was incompatible with life and to prepare to let go. They said, even if she did survive, her disabilities would be so severe that Bella would not have a life worth living.
    We didn’t let go and today Bella is full of life and she has made our lives and countless others much more worth living.
    I thank God that America still has one party that reaches out their hands in love to lift up all of God’s children – born and unborn – and says that each of us has dignity and all of us have the right to live the American Dream.
    And without you America is not keeping faith with that dream.

    We are stewards of a great inheritance. In November we have a chance to vote for life and liberty, not dependency. A vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will put our country back in the hands of leaders who understand what America can and, for the sake of our children, must be to keep the dream alive.


  9. I’d like to mention again that I think it’s wrong that a baby that unexpectedly survives an abortion should be automatically handed over to the “mother” who aborted. A hearing should be held at the very least.  In general, such babies should be placed for adoption. Even though I see terrible negatives associated with adoption, in this case the biological “mother” has clearly forfeited her maternal rights.


  10. denise,

    where a minor child’s rights and best interests are at risk and the parent’s interests are compromised, the courts will often appoint a guardian ad litem [an additional attorney]  who’s only client is the child.

    an infant, who has survived an attempt on his/her life by the biological parent[s] would sure seem to qualify for that kind of legal protection.

    of course mr. bo-jangles would only view this sort of interference as an additional burden on the biological mother’s right and entitlement to a DEAD BABY.

    now a law requiring the appointment of a guardian ad litem in such cases would provide some entertaining debate in the halls of congress and state legislatures.


  11. It is pro rich people, anti poor people

    Says the guy who wants to see all poor children killed in the womb. Right, buddy.
    Have you told your theories regarding the Republican Party to GOProud? I’m sure they’d be quite interested to hear them.


  12. Berger’s rant is comical. With so much hate and pent up range, he must walk around with steam coming out of his ears.
    I love a good pro-abort rant every now and again. Shows their ‘true’ colors haven’t changed.


  13. xalisae says:
    August 28, 2012 at 2:34 pm
    seriously, pro-aborts…have you guys noticed that most of the children who are directly physically harmed or targeted as prospective abortion victims…have you guys not noticed that most of them are FEMALES? What about THEIR rights?

    (Denise) Gianna Jessen made this point once in a speech: “If abortion is supposed to be about women’s rights, where were mine?”


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