What happens when a corrupt state governor, Kathleen Sebelius (pictured above left), and her hand-picked court system collude to stall a case so long the statute of limitations runs out?

And what happens when that same state governor’s health department shreds evidence in that same case?

And what happens when a prosecutor with nerves of steel is replaced by a prosecutor with nerves of spaghetti?

All three combine for death by a thousand cuts of a rock solid case against Planned Parenthood of Overland Park, Kansas, for committing illegal late-term abortions, failing to report abortions of minors, and falsifying documents.

What were once 107 criminal charges – including 23 felonies – filed by former AG/State Attorney Phill Kline (pictured above right) in 2007 for an investigation he launched in 2003 against PP has slowly been reduced to 32 misdemeanor charges, and counting – the wrong way.

From the Associated Press, August 2:

A Kansas judge on Thursday dismissed 26 misdemeanor charges against a Kansas City-area Planned Parenthood clinic, honoring a prosecutor’s request to further narrow a criminal case over allegations the clinic performed illegal late-term abortions….

Thirty-two misdemeanor charges remain, covering 16 abortions the clinic performed, also in 2003, but starting in July, when a state law took effect extending the deadline for pursuing charges to five years after an incident….

For the 16 abortions covered by the remaining charges, the clinic faces one misdemeanor count each of not properly examining whether the fetus was viable and one misdemeanor count of performing an illegal late-term abortion.

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