This morning pro-abortion group NARAL retweeted the following:

Ha ha.

I can take a joke. Only this particular joke came from liberal feminists, who can’t. Were anyone but them dare to quip that women think with their uteruses and not their brains, the mother of all righteous indignations would erupt.

Furthermore, since NARAL et al are so obsessed by their empty uteruses, they haven’t taken time to learn the history of the women’s movement, about which the uterus is a focal point.

As they say, those who don’t learn history are doomed to repeat it. And so we see here NARAL return to the Dark Ages, literally. From History House:

Medical doctors, starting with the ancient Greeks and making it all the way to the early 20th century, were firmly convinced that aberrant behaviors displayed by women were directly caused by their uteri.

This perception of the uterus as a troublesome organ and thus the direct cause of varying malaises made it until the beginning of the 20th century…. This belief peaked at the end of the 19th century, when white, middle-classed women went through an epidemic of “hysteria”. [From the] book, Complaints and Disorders: The Sexual Politics of Sickness:

[Medical doctors theorized that] each human body contained a set quantity of energy that was directed variously from one organ or function to another. This meant that you could develop one organ or ability only at the expense of others… because reproduction was woman’s grand purpose in life… higher education could be potentially dangerous. Too much development of the brain, [doctors] counseled, would atrophy the uterus.

More succinctly, we can look to 19th-century German scientist P. Moebius in his Concerning the Physiological and Intellectual Weakness of Women…:

If we wish woman to fulfill the task of motherhood fully she cannot possess a masculine brain. If the feminine abilities were developed to the same degree as those of the male, her maternal organs would suffer and we should have before us a repulsive and useless hybrid.

So back to NARAL, apparently the joke is on them. All good jokes have a basis in truth, after all. And it is absolutely true that liberal feminists think with their uteruses and not their brains. Their preoccupation with developing a “masculine brain,” to the point of abhorring the natural and beautiful function of their own unique organs, has rendered them stupid. They cannot acknowledge, for instance, that those prejudiced against women are using abortion to target and kill women. They cannot acknowledge that the steroidal compounds in birth control pills are dangerous to women and the environment. Etc.

It is also ironic that the quest to be like men has indeed caused the liberal feminist uterus to become the “repulsive and useless hybrid” Moebius theorized 100 years ago.

And about that word “hysteria,” from

The word itself is derived…  from the Greek word hystera, meaning “womb.” And they understood the uterus to be the direct cause of hysteria. As Hannah S. Decker writes:

Various ancient Greek philosophers and physicians, including Plato, had argued that the uterus is an independent entity within a woman’s body… these thinkers concluded that the uterus had an ardent desire to create children. If the womb remained empty for long after the owner’s puberty, it became unhappy and angry and began to travel through the body. In its wanderings it pressed against various bodily organs, creating “hysterical” – that is, uterus-related – symptoms.

So Plato believe an empty uterus caused a woman to be “unhappy and angry” and become “hysterical.”

Again, more ironic truth.

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