I used to be one of those “with exceptions” kinda people. I thought not making exceptions for cases of rape was wrong, (because at the time, my argument was primarily the consequences aspect of a willful action) and that NOT allowing for those exceptions was working against us as Pro-Lifers.

But, the more I was backed into a corner by my opponents, the more I was forced to think about it, and the more thinking I did on my own. I realized that they were right – if abortion was wrong, then exceptions were wrong, because the argument I had been making was wrong. It wasn’t about natural consequences for an action. There was no “punishment” involved, because children are not a punishment. They’re simply children, and that fact alone is why NO abortion should be allowed (except in cases where both lives would be lost otherwise).

And, from what I can tell, my position and the Pro-Life movement as a whole, has only gotten stronger.

~ Commenter xalisae, remarking on Stanek Quote of the Day, “Paul Ryan’s abortion stance ‘consistent, not crazy,'” August 16

[Photo via thehappyhousewife.com]

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