by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN and Kelli

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  • Wesley J. Smith reports that Pat Robertson is in the news again for making outrageous comments – this time, against adoption!
  • Abolitionist Society of OK discusses how, even if we are unable to personally adopt, we can help international orphans.
  • Abstinence Clearinghouse has information on a “recent study performed by the Ruth Institute [which] showed that teenagers that watch the sex scenes of popular movies are more likely to engage in sexual activity. The study is great proof of how the media truly affects the development and decision making of adolescents.”

  • Live Action posts an excellent response to the often-used argument from abortion advocates (represented in the image at left) that embryos and fetuses are “not human beings” or “not people.”
  • The Anti-Abortion Gang shows how abortion proponents are, naturally, blaming pro-life laws for the death of a pregnant teen with leukemia in the Dominican Republic. Doctors said the girl’s prognosis was poor regardless, because of her type of leukemia. And, as AAG notes, the girl could have received chemotherapy despite her pregnancy. (Recent studies have also shown that chemotherapy does not harm preborn children.)
  • LaShawn Barber discusses recent news of an Oregon law which allows “free” teenage sterilizations to be performed on willing children – without parental consent.
  • Fletcher Armstrong says the pro-life truth trucks are busy this election season, and are receiving quite a bit of media attention. Those involved say they are prepared to answer the usual “I don’t want my kids to see this” objections.
  • Culture Campaign reports that Planned Parenthood’s push to encourage oral sex to teens as a means of pregnancy prevention is unsafe, thanks to the possibility of transmitting chlamydia, genital herpes, gonorrhea, and syphilis.
  • Kelly Clinger follows up on her viral post and photo of a young woman aborting twins at 20 weeks for reasons of gender bias. Kelly was verbally attacked after the post because even some abortion advocates refused to believe the context of the photo. But there is also good news:

    The majority of the responses have been ones of eyes opened. Many pro-choicers surprisingly responded with shock and horror that this was happening and said they were completely unaware. Some of them said they could no longer support abortion because of what they now know.

  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life posts a must-see video of former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino, describing second trimester abortions before a House committee:

    Dr. Levatino later says: “Some people think the doctor waves his hand and the baby disappears. It just doesn’t happen that way.” He calls D&E abortion “absolutely gut-wrenching for the physician… to literally tear a human being apart with your own hands.” He explains why he changed his mind about abortion toward the end (beginning at about 2:50) of this clip.


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