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  • Americans United for Life notes that FL Rep. Cliff Stearns is leading the congressional investigation of Planned Parenthood, despite major stalling on PP’s part. Stearns says that while PP has supplied him with 8,000 documents over the past 10 months, it is avoiding the ones requested. His goal is to put PP officials under oath to answer key questions of their audits, expenditures and safety aspects. Just as Planned Parenthood shows no regard for life, including that of the late Tonya Reaves of Chicago, the abortion giant also shows no regard for the law.
  • At National Review Online, Michael New demolishes Harvard law professor I. Glenn Cohen’s published claims that fetal pain abortion laws are “flawed” and not based in science.
  • American Life League’s Judie Brown reviews a book tracing President Obama’s community organizing days where he formed his ideals of “replacing loyalty to government [that] trumps even loyalty to God” as evidenced by the HHS mandate which “marginalizes religious freedom in favor of government ideology.”
  • Down on the Pharm links to a post discussing Cuba’s open door invitation to the Catholic Church to help in ending the “plague of abortion.” 60% of the pregnancies in Cuba are aborted, and all on the government’s dime.

  • Silent No More’s Kelly Clinger (pictured left) writes of her frustration with Congress’ failure to pass D.C.’s 20-week fetal pain abortion restriction:
    This is personal for me as well. The man who owns the abortion clinic I went to so many years ago has a clinic in DC. He does abortions up to 36 weeks (if not longer) with a suspended medical license. Thanks to the Democrats’ vote today, he can continue to do this.

    His website very clearly explains the process of injecting the babyís heart with something to stop the heartbeat. Then a woman will labor to give birth to a dead baby, only they canít guarantee the baby will be dead. He canít do these abortions in Florida because of the laws. How kind of him since he also doesnít have a valid medical license there.

  • The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition refutes the charges leveled against them by pro-euthanasia group, Death With Dignity, following their debate in April.
  • Ethika Politika compares pregnancy, childbirth and parenting trends in Sweden and the United States.
  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life points out that the late Hubert Humphrey will be remembered and lauded by Democrats at a memorial but there is one aspect of his life that will be ignored – his opposition to abortion.
  • Former pro-choice atheist Jay Watts of the Life Training Institute, shares some good talking points and the correct way to frame arguments for life.

  • At Coming Home, Dr. Gerard Nadal notes the good that could result from more “accurate, sensitive, and inexpensive” early prenatal testing. While many pro-lifers believe the tests could result in search and destroy missions, Dr. Nadal says the “glass is half full”:

    First, letting parents know much earlier takes from the more eugenic Ob/Gynís the leverage that comes with the more traditional (and later) amniocentesis. Women often receive those tests results within days to a couple of weeks of the legal limit for having an abortion. It doesnít give the woman time to emotionally digest the diagnosis, leaving her vulnerable to coercive pressure from genetic counselors, doctors and family.

    Next, the earlier blood tests allow more time for women to sit with their decision, and to seek out and receive alternative advice without the deadline for abortion looming large on the horizon. Contrary to arguments that say the abortion rate will skyrocket with such testing, as early term abortions are easier to have, one need only consider that research from Harvard University shows that 93% of all Ds babies diagnosed are being aborted; so thereís little margin for any skyrocketing of abortions.

    By itself, the technology is morally neutral. This technology can alert an Obstetrician to the need for more sonograms and the need for bringing onboard a perinatologist. Some Ds babies have anomalies that require immediate surgical intervention at birth. Early diagnostics can help to determine whether the birth should be vaginal or C-section, and whether or not a surgical team needs to be on standby.”

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