Pro-life photo of the day: U-Haul truck at closed abortion clinic

This isn’t a new daily feature (unless someone wants to take it on!), but I had to post this awesome photo, via The Tennessean, to start our weekend on a high note (click to enlarge)…

Reported The Tennessean, August 17:

A longtime Knoxville abortion provider closed its doors, blaming a newly enacted Tennessee law that requires doctors performing abortions to hold admitting privileges at local hospitals.

The Volunteer Women’s Medical Clinic had two physicians providing abortions. One died after suffering a stroke within days of obtaining hospital privileges, said clinic director Deb Walsh. Another retired physician working with the clinic has not obtained privileges.

“I’ve been able to keep the doors open and the phone staff working up until this week,” Walsh wrote in a public letter titled, “End of an Era.”

And good riddance.

One more bit of good news from the article:

The clinic’s closure drops to eight the number of abortion clinics operating in the state, down from 16 a decade ago.

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10 thoughts on “Pro-life photo of the day: U-Haul truck at closed abortion clinic”

  1. wow, you have to be a really shi**y doctor not to have admitting privileges in the closest hospital!  hahahaha! good riddance is right!


  2. An interesting development is that the good bye letter that the clinic director wrote is now off the site she posted it on. Good thing I posed it in total for posterity. The letter is shocking and damaging. Talking about abortions for a woman about to go into labor, 11yr. old girl aborting….and these are things she remembers as highlights!!! It also shows that abortion is the revenue driver for sure. And isn’t it interesting that no docs could or would apply for admitting privileges  in Knoxville…home of U of TN. Just shows the low quality of docs who do this sort of thing. They fly in from other states and do a days worth of abortions and go home.


  3. Apparently, one doctor, a week before the deadline, was able to have his admitting privilege “reinstated” (WTF did he do to have it revoked, eh?!)…but that doc died of a heart attack immediately thereafter.
    My agnosticism is melting.


  4. This place killed Brenda Vise:

    They ruined this teen’s life:

    They had this quack working there:

    So let’s pray that the U-Haul is hauling stuff to the dump and not just over state lines — or down the road where they open with a new name and start all over again.  


  5. Fewer can with fewer clinics open.  It’s worth it if even one life is saved.

    Not rocket science.


  6. An ADD moment: What other “medical service” would the media describe as being “provided”? It’s usually “screened for” or “tested for”. It seems like abortion is a favored “privilege” of a “service” one can commit  –  I mean “provide”.


  7. “One died after suffering a stroke within days of obtaining hospital privileges.”
    Umm… if I were the other doctor, I think I would have converted right there.


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