The Obama campaign launched a television ad over the weekend attacking Mitt Romney for attacking Planned Parenthood.

Airing in seven battleground states (Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Ohio, Nevada, North Carolina, and Virginia), the ad manages in 30 seconds to hit Romney on several liberal reproductive talking points.

The well-crafted piece starts with a pitchwoman assailing Romney for opposing contraceptives. One must read over what she is saying (see above right) to know the complaint is actually about Romney’s opposition to the Obamacare contraception mandate.

The ad swiftly moves on to brand Planned Parenthood as America’s seemingly sole contraception distribution chain and then slams Romney for promising to defund it. It ends with Romney’s “Planned Parenthood, I’ll get rid of that” comment without any context, making it appear Romney is out to destroy PP (I wish)….


As CNN noted:

While once a supporter of abortion rights, Romney now says he believes life begins at conception and opposes abortion.

This marks the third commercial in the last month the Obama campaign has released targeting Romney on the issue, signaling the fierce competition between the two candidates over the crucial voting bloc of women.

A Fact checker called the ad “misleading.”

It is politically inexplicable that Obama would continue to hold Planned Parenthood so close with such abandon. Planned Parenthood is a powder keg. That it is the United States’ largest abortion provider is but one of PP’s controversies. Planned Parenthood has shown itself ugly in multiple undercover stings and is also under investigation in at least five states as well as the U.S. Congress.

In fact, were it not for Obama, PP would already be collapsing. He has delivered PP a cash cow via Obamacare. And if a state tries to defund PP, Obama either sues the state or goes around it to fund PP with federal dollars. Obama went so far as to threaten to hold up the entire U.S. budget to keep PP in it.

It is no wonder PP CEO Cecile Richards sounded a bit like Marilyn Monroe in an August 4 tweet…


I could even say there is some resemblance. But I digress.

Meanwhile, MSM appears not to notice the Obama campaign’s obsession with contraception and women’s “healthcare choices” (i.e., abortion). But if conservatives were to dare to broach the topic, they would be accused of ignoring what America really cares about, jobs and the economy. Or their words would be twisted.

Obama was audacious enough to write about his own audacity. Nowhere is that more on display than now. Here is a man who is so fanatical about abortion he endorses infanticide. Yet he dares to make the topic a focus.

There is much Romney could make of this. But he is not budging off message. In response to the ad, his spokeswoman told Politico:

One day after the unemployment rate increased and we reached 42 consecutive months with a jobless rate greater than 8%, it is not surprising that the Obama campaign would release a false ad in an attempt to distract from the effects of the President’s failed policies.  Dishonest political attacks will not change the fact that President Obama has not turned around the economy, and his policies have hurt women and families all over the country.

Apparently, Romney is staying on message for good reason, despite the fact Democrats and Obama are taunting him in various ways – Bain, tax returns, and the supposed “war on women.”

I’ve previously written that the latter meme, launched late this winter, didn’t work. Indeed, Obama’s standing among women actually slid after he launched that attack. So he backed off. But apparently he is being forced back to it, for whatever his internal polls are showing. Likely he does not have much else. Back to Politico:

The Obama campaign initially sought to capitalize on the president’s already high approval rating among women by accusing Republicans of waging a ‘war’ on women, but has more recently focused on economic issues, Romney’s personal finances and his business record. The ad, in a sense, marks a return to the gender politics of earlier in the cycle.

Obama must hope Planned Parenthood can works its voodoo anti-Komen magic on Romney. But so far, nada.

I do think Romney can make something of Obama’s extreme views on abortion during the debate(s). Around that it is up to pro-life groups to spotlight Obama’s radical positions on abortion.

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