10 ambulance calls in 20 months to U.S. Planned Parenthoods

Guest post by Cheryl Sullenger of Operation Rescue

Yesterday Operation Rescue reported that a woman is suing Planned Parenthood Birmingham for missing an ectopic pregnancy. Clinic staff and abortionist Aqua Don Emmanuel Umoren apparently lied when charting that an 8-wk, 4-day-old baby was seen on ultrasound and palpated on internal exam, going on to commit an unnecessary abortion. The mother ended up in the emergency room 25 days later and had to have a fallopian tube and her 13-wk-old baby removed. She maintains in her lawsuit she is now infertile.

This was just one of probably hundreds of abortion botches we wouldn’t otherwise know about were there not a lawsuit.

But the number botches we do know about through emergency ambulance calls to U.S. Planned Parenthood  clinics is alarming – 10 over the course of only 20 months. This volume certainly does not bode well for the supposed safety of legalized abortions.

The list:

1.      August 16, 2012:  PP Boise, Idaho,  Medical Emergency

2.      July 20, 2012:  PP Chicago, Illinois,  Tonya Reaves, died from botched 2nd trimester abortion

3.      July 7, 2012:  PP Boston, Massachusetts, Medical Emergency

4.      March 6, 2012:  PP St. Paul, Minnesota, Medical Emergency

5.      December 20, 2011:  PP Sioux City, Iowa, Medical Emergency

6.      October 14, 2011: PP Virginia Beach, Virginia, Medical Emergency

7.      April 14, 2011: PP St. Paul, Minnesota, Medical Emergency

8.      March 18, 2011: PP Everett, Washington, Medical Emergency

9.      February 12, 2011: PP St. Louis, Missouri*, Medical Emergency

10.   January 11, 2011: PP Boston, Massachusetts, Medical Emergency

*“From June 2009 until April 2010, nine ambulances have been at Planned Parenthood [St. Louis] and each time a client was transported to Barnes Hospital,” said sidewalk counselor Marty Bennet in a written statement

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  1. Like I’ve said before, as a healthcare worker, I can attest to the fact there is NO “safe” or easy way to dialate, mutilate, and vacuum suction an unborn baby that is implanted and embedded into the endometrial uterine lining. It is a bloody mess capable of perforating a uterus, nicking blood vessels, retaining fetal tissue, leading to more hemorrhage, hypovolemic shock, organ failure, brain damage, and death ask Tonya Reeves family. Take a look at the pictures of actual abortions (I am sure someone has the links to the videos of real time 1st and 2nd trimester abortions if someone is interested) if you can sit and watch all the gore unmoved you are a cold-blooded son-of-a-gun (like BHO sitting unmoved by Jill Stanek’s testimony about the botched abortion survivor a DS baby that she held for 45 minutes until he died).    


  2. if we know about 10 ambulance calls, how many more weren’t reported, or how many went home first and then called, or like Tonya Reeves didn’t make it? My prayers are with all of the women who are contemplating this procedure out of fear or ignorance of the medical facts and I am grateful for women like Prolifer L who get technical enough to describe the routine side-effects of the procedure – like the ads for drugs on TV – who would WANT to take half that stuff after you hear what could happen if you take it? Much better to exercise personal responsibility with your actions eliminating the possibility of getting pregnant if you do not want to have children yet, or embracing the children you are gifted with in your marriage. If you get unexpectedly pregnant and have limited resources and understanding of what it takes to be a good parent, then Care Net is a GREAT way to learn what is available by way of instruction, referrals and necessities.


  3. Something leads to believe that the informed consent process when going for an abortion is a joke. Also, as blood money points out many women are ashamed and secretive about their abortions and may not sue for damage because of that.


  4. I thought Planned Parenthood only counselled on and distributed birth control, as well as performing mammograms and pap smears. Why on earth would there be any ambulance calls?


  5. Thanks Mary, I am so sick and tired of the lies, “safe, legal and rare” my foot. They may be “legal” but what a insult to call them “safe” or “rare”. Excuse me, but did I just hear a cash register ring with the “Blood Money” of PP slaughtering another innocent baby at $400-500 a pop? You’re post was right on the mark Mary “Why on earth would there be any ambulance calls?”and so was Musicbringsjoy’s post everyone needs to see the documentary film “Blood Money”.  


  6. Musicbringsjoy,

    There is no informed consent with abortion.

    If women were shown the ultrasound of their baby and heard that heartbeat….some might still choose it but they would have at least seen THE TRUTH!

    Too many of us know now what we did not know then. 


  7. With this many ambulance calls, physically harmed and dead women shall we get to the bottom of “safe” abortion??

    It’s time. 


  8. I’m guessing they have no one there that could perform an ultrasound correctly. That would require them to pay a salary to someone for the proper care of a women, and eat into their precious profit. Why would they want to do that? It’s only someone’s life or fertility.


  9. … hang on a second …

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but pro-aborts routinely say that we pro-lifers are violent and hate women, and in attempting to legitimize that accusation, they must cite practically every incident in the last, what, forty years in which an abortion provider or supporter has been injured?

    (never mind whether or not they were perpetrated by a pro-lifer or even someone who we would call a friend)

    And yet here we have 10 incidents in only 20 months at only eight of Planned Parenthood’s supposedly safe mills in which women have been seriously injured (including one fatality in this list alone) by the actions of their “care providers” who supposedly have only the women’s best interests in mind.

    And then we consider the countless incidents that don’t get reported (most of us have seen them) and the fact that pro-aborts consistently oppose any and all attempts to regulate this practice to make it at least physically safe for the mother.

    So … while we publicly and unreservedly denounce violence as a means to end this bloodshed and we make no request for leniency against those who go that route, the abortion industry preys upon those who trust that they will be treated with care and when those “clients” get injured, there’s no inquiry, no investigation, and no responsibility taken.

    For people who supposedly hate women and love violence, we sure seem to do a better job of caring for these women than our pro-abortion detractors.


  10. Because the old “safe, legal and rare” phrase was thrown out there, I wanted to take a moment to remind everyone that the DemonRATS are no longer interested in making abortion rare.  If you doubt me on this, then let their own words speak for them.  From the Democratic Party Platform adopted at the recent convention:
    “The Democratic Party strongly and unequivocally supports Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to make decisions regarding her pregnancy, including a safe and legal abortion, regardless of ability to pay. We oppose any and all efforts to weaken or undermine that right.”
    So, in their own words, they want complete and total unfettered access to abortions at any time, in any place, during any trimester, and for any reason.  They do not care if you are due tomorrow.  They do not care if you are aborting your baby girl specifically because she is a girl.  They do not care of you are killing your baby because she may have Down Syndrome.  They do not care if you are killing your baby because she is biracial.  They do not care if you are killing your baby because being pregnant is making it hard for you to hook up.  They do not care if you are killing your baby because you are 13 and your 35 year old rapist says you have to.  They do not care if you are killing your baby because your pimp wants you back on the street.  They do not care whether or not you are truly informed of the risks and hazards of what you are doing.  They do not care if the person doing the killing is really a doctor.  They do not care if the instruments they are shoving inside you are sterile.  They do not care of there are blood stains on the table you will lie on.  They do not care if there are any safety or health standards being followed in the course of your mutilation.  They do not care if the butcher about to destroy the life growing in you has a license, or if he has killed 50 women this year.  They could not care less what your reasons are or what dangers or threats or coercion you are experiencing.  They do not care if you are safe from your rapist, or from your pimp, or from the killer about to reach inside your body.  They do not care if you are in a fragile mental state, or that what you really need is loving mercy rather than bloody mutilation.  They just care that you can get that abortion right now with absolutely no restrictions, protections, safeguards, regulations, oversight or control whatsoever.  And if you can’t pay for it, then they believe it is the government’s responsibility to use the money they take from us to pay for it.
    So please, let’s all stop pretending that “rare” is any part of their goal, or that “safe” is any more than smoke that they think they can gently blow up our backsides.  What they really care about is that abortion is legal and readily available and financed by us.  Period.  And anyone that thinks they can vote for BO with a clear conscience and a belief that you are in some twisted way doing something that is “really” pro-life, think again.


  11. Reading back over my post, I wanted to apologize.  Too often, I have a tendency to beat around the bush and not really say what I mean.  Next time, I will try not to hold back.


  12. If this were a chain of ambulatory surgical clinics providing another elective surgical procedure, let’s say plastic surgery, there would be more concern in the general public and calls for these clinics to be shut down. Yet, there is apathy in the general public and by abortion rights proponents especially, when it comes to regulation and repeated botched surgeries in abortion clinics. If abortion is a medical procedure like any other and if abortion clinics are valid health care providers, then why should abortion providers be above the law (when it comes to basic health regulations and mandatory reporting laws) or have special treatment and protection by special interest and political activism groups.

    What say ye pro-choicers…Hal, CC, Joan, Ex-Gop, Biggs, etc?


  13. Hi Rachel C,

    If these were veterinary clinics that were seriously injuring animals there would be calls to shut them down.


  14. Can anyone please cite an incident where the radical feminists have come out and made a real stink about just ONE woman who has died as a result of a botched abortion at either a PP or an independant clinic ?
    WHERE are they when this sort of thing happens ?


  15. That’s right, Mary. It’s become more about politics and protecting their sacrosanct abortion rights, then about protecting women from unscrupulous doctors and unsafe clinics.


  16. The plaintiff in the Birmingham case is very lucky to be alive, and I hope she wins her suit against PP.

    I wonder if an ultrasound was even actually done in her case; I doubt it. All PP wants to know is if a woman is pregnant and if she MIGHT be, can they kill the child? Or maybe just do an abortion just in case there is a child left behind.

    The idiocy of people who compare ultrasound to rape is frightening. For starters, ultrasounds serve a legitimate medical purpose, rapes do not. But then, these are the same folks who call murder and mayhem “healthcare.”


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