ABC poll: Obama popularity “dips underwater… decline entirely among women”

I’ve reported several times in recent months that Barack Obama’s favorability among female voters has only slipped since he, Democrats, and liberal feminists launched their “Republican war on women” campaign earlier this year, despite rosy reports you may read to the contrary. From ABC News, September 4:

Barack Obama approaches his nomination for a second term with the lowest pre-convention personal popularity of an incumbent president in ABC News/Washington Post polls since the 1980s. He’s also at his lowest of the year among registered voters, with trouble among women.

Just 47% of registered voters in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll see Obama favorably overall, down 7 percentage points from his recent peak in April, while 49% rate him unfavorably. He’s numerically underwater in this group for the first time since February.

The decline has occurred entirely among women registered voters – from 57-39% favorable-unfavorable in April to a numerically negative 46-50% now. That’s Obama’s lowest score among women voters – a focus of recent political positioning – in ABC/Post polls since he took office. Unusually, his rating among men, 50-47% favorable-unfavorable, is numerically better than it is among women, albeit not by a significant margin.

The result is not the only sign of the work ahead for Obama among women. In a separate ABC/Post poll last week, he led Romney among women registered voters in vote preference by just 6 points, 49-43%. In 2008, Obama won women by 13 points, 56-43%.

As I wrote yesterday, Democrats and liberal feminists are now openly admitting what the polls have been indicating for quite some time, abortion is no longer a winning issue for them.

If you put yourself in the other side’s shoes, there must be panic: The public is no longer buying what they’re selling. What to do? They have decided to double down.

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15 thoughts on “ABC poll: Obama popularity “dips underwater… decline entirely among women””

  1. Men and women have important differences but we are the same species. There is far more in common than is different. Everyone is deeply concerned about America’s economy and its high unemployment rate. Some women may view the “War on Women” rhetoric as an effort to distract them from the problems with the economy. Indeed, at least some may think it is a cynical ploy.  As a result, they are turned off. They are turning against the President because they believe the administration is attempting to manipulate them.


  2. Women know when they are being lied to. I believe it’s a devine gift. Obama’s made a huge mistake.


  3. Hm. Maybe it’s because women like being talked to like equals with all others, not just as a special interest group. And maybe it’s because women are suffering because of the economy as well, and we care about that more than, say, whether or not we can access birth control (which, honestly, most women have no problem doing).

    Wow, women think and vote with more than their reproductive organs? They care about putting food on the table for their kids and seeing themselves, their husbands, friends, and relatives finally find work more than lowering the cost of birth control a little bit? No, that can’t be it. The women are all turning racist.

    Please. This war on women rhetoric is insulting. I find it highly amusing that it’s the feminists who are reducing women to a voting bloc that only cares about their reproductive organs. It’s like being around a misogynistic man. Really? You are only thinking about ability to reproduce? I’m more than that. I care about my kids’ jobs, my dream to own a small business and (gasp!!!) the fate of the nation and future generations.

    Hm maybe that’s why Obama’s tanking among the women vote.


  4. The “gender gap” has always been greatest among men, in the Republican;s favor. If the slightly more numerous women begin to wobble in their preference for the Democrats, the wheels will truly be coming off.
    It couldn’t happen to a “not-nicer” Party!


  5. This is somewhat off topic, but I read an interview with the Obummers in Parade Magazine this weekend where BO was quoted by his wife as saying that things were less twinkly and sparkly around the homefront with their daughters away for the summer.

    So he finds punishment twinkly and sparkly?! Curiouser and curiouser…


  6. Whoever dreamed up the “War on Women” rhetoric not only ignored pro-life women, put also the millions of Baby Boomer women for whom contraception, etc. is no longer an issue.


  7. phillymiss: Not to mention the number of not-yet grandparents who are wishing their 30 year old children would get married and get things moving. “Contraceptives? Are they crazy?”    ;-)


  8. Marvin,
    Why do you continue to stereotype us as being 100% Christian? Don’t you know that you don’t have to be religious at all to oppose the legal killing of children in utero? If there are those of us here who are not religious ( for more info) then why should we take your “Christer Theocracy” malarkey seriously? 
    Every pregnancy is not a gift. I wasn’t feeling to “gifted” with my first. But being pregnant DOES mean that you have another life to consider from that point, and regardless of whether or not you consider them “a gift”, they’re there, and they’re a living child, and they deserve to have their lives protected by law. That goes no matter who their biological father is.
    P.S. Do you mean to tell me that the wealthy run those corporations themselves? Do you mean to tell me that “the wealthy” man all the machines that do the work at their companies? Do you mean to tell me that “the wealthy” are there 24/7 running drill presses and paint guns and acid baths and soldiering irons and everything else it takes to make their companies run by themselves all the time, so that they alone are responsible? Or could it be that some poor people actually have their own financial stake in seeing those bad, nasty, EBIL corporations continue to exist?


  9. I keep hearing on the news that Mitt Romney and Barak Obama are tied in the polls, and sometimes I hear that Obama is a little ahead.  Is this true, or is a media in the tank for Obama trying to get Romney supporters to give up, in hopes of creating a self fullfling prophesy?  (I hope it’s the latter, and that the ploy doesn’t work.) 


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