Breaking: Ad exposing Obama on infanticide support to air during his speech tonight

Wow. The Susan B. Anthony List has just announced that its ad calling out Barack Obama for his opposition as state senator to the Illinois Born Alive Infants Protection Act will air tonight during the time frame of his acceptance speech for renomination as president at the Democratic National Convention.

The ad, featuring abortion survivor Melissa Ohden, will run on all major networks in the Charlotte, North Carolina, media market, where the convention is being held, at a cost of $42,000.

Here, again, is that ad…

YouTube Preview Image

SBA List points out in its press release that Obama’s radical support of infanticide in the event a baby survives his or her abortion is just the tip of the ice berg as far as his and the Democrat Party’s extreme positions on abortion go.

Both also oppose bans on sex-selective abortions and abortions after the point the preborn baby can feel pain.

Both support the barbaric partial birth abortion procedure.

Both support taxpayer funded abortion.

All of these are radical positions mainstream Americans find repulsive. The Charlotte Lozier Institute found that 77% of Americans (80% of women) support banning sex-selective abortion. National Right to Life found 63% of Americans support a ban on late-term abortion past the point at which unborn children feel pain.

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  1. Hi Hal,

    You ok?

    You ok with Melissa as a tiny aborted alive infant being left to die?  

    You and Obama  cool with that? 


  2. Hal: Obama provides the tar with his record, his opponents provide the feathers with ad timing. Simple.


  3. Oh no Rasqual!! What did you mean by “tar”??? Did you mean “tar baby”???? You must be racist!


  4. Good thing I didn’t talk of running him out on a “rail” as well. Given the time of year, that would have been an obvious allusion to the roots of Labor Day, whose declaration as a national holiday was Grover Cleveland’s nervous sop thrown to the American Railway Union, whose disastrous Pullman strike began in Chicago. And we all know that “Chicago,” as well, is racist. 

    It’s been such an aid to my well-being to have become far more self-conscious about the deep roots of my racism.  I’m always saddened by how frequently it crops up in the most seeming innocent locutions. As the prophet Jeremiah notes, “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; who can know it?” With Isaiah I cry out, I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips.” Well, actually there aren’t a lot of Republicans in my town, so I’m probably misapplying the scripture.

    OK, I’m off to a round of golf.

    DAMN! There I go again!


  5. Hi Carla.  I’m good.  Thanks.
    Someone saved Melissa without a law.  No law prevented that.  Seems like we have a solution in search of a problem.


  6. Well, admitting your problem is always the first step to healing.

    PS–nice use of the word Jeremiah…as in Wright, who is only trying to show you and me how incredibly ignorant and damned we are.


  7. This is a powerful pro-life message.  
    Too many people in this world take life for granted.


  8. Because I’m sure Melissa doesn’t see her mom and some doctor(s) trying repeatedly to kill her legally as a problem. Nope. No problem here. The fact that it would’ve been legal to just let her flail to death in the trash…who would have a problem with that? Nope. Not a single problem to be found. Not one.


  9. The thought that anybody could be in FAVOR of not just abortion, but letting a tiny, helpless little human being lie there and die just gives me chills!
    God, forgive us!


  10. @ Pamela: You might be interested in this essay.

    Tim: The Boy Who Wasn’t Meant To Be
    By Denise Noe
    In July 1997, a couple in Oldenburg, Germany discovered that the “fetus,” or “unborn child,” the woman was carrying had Down Syndrome. According to the Wikipedia, the woman was in her twenty-fifth week of pregnancy.
    In order to understand what happened next, it is necessary to belabor (no pun intended) the obvious. There are about four weeks in a month. The first month of a pregnancy ends at the fourth week. The first trimester ends at the twelfth week. The second trimester, or sixth month, of pregnancy ends at the twenty-fourth week. This mother had entered her seventh month of pregnancy – a time period in which premature babies are born and often survive.
    After learning of the Down Syndrome, the couple decided to abort the pregnancy. The pregnant woman underwent the abortion. The baby expelled from her vaginal canal breathed, moved, and had a beating heart. Medical personnel expected him to die soon so did nothing to treat him.
    Ten hours later the baby’s heart was still beating and he was still breathing although his body temperature had dropped a great deal. Physicians decided to treat him.
    As a result both of the abortion and the lack of immediate medical treatment, the boy who would be named Tim but called the “Oldenburg Baby” by the German media had more severe disabilities than most other Down Syndrome babies. Extensive damage had been done to his brain, eyes, and lungs. In the first years of his life, he required several operations.
    Tim’s parents had the legal right to raise him but did not wish to. Quoting directly from the Wikipedia, “Tim’s biological mother needed psychotherapeutic care after the failed abortion, and died a few years later.”
    The physician who aborted Tim and failed to treat him for ten hours after his having unexpectedly lived through the procedure was fined 90 days’ pay in 2004 for failing to give care to a newborn.
    Tim spent much of the first year of his life in a children’s clinic. In 1998, a foster family took him in. The badly damaged little boy showed signs of autism. In 2003, he was given what is referred to as “dolphin therapy.” The practice is controversial because some observers believe it is not a “therapy” but only a recreational activity. However, for whatever reasons, the boy seemed to make improvements in digestion, motor skills, and even speech after contact with these marine mammals. Since 2004, he has attended a school for children with disabilities.
    What is to be made of this tragedy? The first lesson to be drawn is that “abortions” make little sense performed at a time period when it is possible for the aborted to live outside the womb. It is sheer moral insanity to be desperately rushing to save a baby in one area of the hospital that was born prematurely while ignoring one that was forced out of the uterus at exactly the same time period.
    Moreover, we need to clarify that the entire issue of the woman’s body and choice ends once her body and that of the baby part ways for any reason at all.
    It also points out the need to take on the issue of the custody of abortion survivors. No woman should be able to abort – with the expectation of the fetal death – and then legally have custody of a baby that happened to survive the procedure. Since abortions will be practiced regardless of whether or not they are legal, all countries need to deal with the custody issue.
    Tim has extraordinary disabilities. His life has been full of pain. Inevitably, if with great discomfort, some must wonder: Was his life worth saving? Is his life worth living? The answer to these questions may be found by googling his photograph. Nothing is more eloquent than a smile and Tim has a very nice smile. 


  11. Hal says:
    September 6, 2012 at 1:38 pm
    Hi Carla.  I’m good.  Thanks.Someone saved Melissa without a law.  No law prevented that.  Seems like we have a solution in search of a problem.

    (Denise) A doctor does a late abortion with the expectation of a DEAD FETUS. The pregnant girl or woman EXPECTS the fetus to be dead. 
    Thus, it can cause panic when instead of a dead fetus what comes out is a live baby. There were cases of such babies neglected or killed.
    Read my essay about Tim, the “Oldenburg Baby.” 


  12. HAL,

    There were free black men, in the norhern states, before we ammended the constitution.

    So wheres the big deal.

    Why I bet even women were voting somewhere before we ammended the constitution.

    Homosexuals are getting married somewhere, problem solved.

    Your gift for brevity did not serve you well this time, but I guess it’s cause Carla, let a little of her own raw emotion slip out and she hurt your feelings cause she singled you out with a pre-emptive strike to a tender place in your little pea pickin heart.

    I know I did that to you at least once and it grieved the ‘ONE’ who gives us life and breath.

    HE cares about you and HE cares what happens to you. You are the ‘apple of HIS eye’.

    I know Carla knows it too, cause HE has put HIS seal on her as well and it grieves HIM when HIS kid don’t love each other the way HE first loves us.


  13. How does one ascertain that one is an “abortion survivor?” Does one access the detailed medical records or does one merely claim this status in order to be an icon of the “pro-life” movement. Most folks just get a birth certificate. But abortion survivors seem to get far more detail – or do they? And therein lies the rub which separates the reality based community from the fetus fetishist cult.


  14. BTW, the whole bogus Obama/infanticide has been thoroughly debunked by Fact Check and the Chicago Tribune.


  15. Hi Ken,
    Carla didn’t offend me.  She asked a good question.  
    Look, if  you guys want a law to protect born alive babies, go for it.  I’m just not sure it’s necessary.  I haven’t reviewed all the discussion of this from four years ago, but I recall thinking there wasn’t really a controversy here.  Born people have rights.  Do I also recall correctly that since the law has been passed it has never been applied to any case?  Like I said, this really appears to be a solution looking for a problem.  If state senator Obama didn’t like the law, either because it was unnecessary or over broad, that’s not the same as saying he supports infanticide.  But, we’ve hashed this out in 2008 and really don’t need to do so again, right?


  16. I have the Fox News Network on TV and they are airing a lot of the Democratic National Convention.   It is amazing how they are contradicting themselves and so busy patting themselves on the back…by trashing the Republican party.  It is almost pathetic!   I keep waiting for somebody to say something really stupid and embarass them all.
    Good Night, Barack…. Go to Bed!!!!


  17. I wouldn’t go as far as saying Obama is pro-infanticide.  He’s certainly not like Peter Singer or Michael Tooley.  Rather, I’d say that he’s more pro-abortion than he is anti-infanticide.

    Still not a position a presidential candidate would want to talk about…


  18. Hal, the reason that law is necessary is because the person being murdered has never been recognized by the state and therefore easily covered up.  Abortionists and the other people in the room are accomplices to the murder and the victim needs special protections.  You have spent your life denying the humanity of unborn children because you have party to their killing.  Wrap your liberal mind-bending self around that and stop being such a fool.  Admit the humanity of the children whose murder you have been party to and let the healing begin. 


  19. It is amazing how they are contradicting themselves and so busy patting themselves on the back…by trashing the Republican party.  

    I know, right.  Tammy Baldwin said Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker doesn’t speak for Wisconsin even though he survived a recall attempt.   She is delusional at best.  


  20. “I keep waiting for somebody to say something really stupid and embarass them all.”
    Gregory, narcissistic heathen don’t get embarassed very often but they sure are good at embarassing the people who are associated with them.  EG their roll call vote and screaming no to God being allowed into their party platform.


  21. “BTW, the whole bogus Obama/infanticide has been thoroughly debunked by Fact Check and the Chicago Tribune.”
    CC, you are a flaming example the liberal lie.  The bolder the lie the better.  Obama’s votes area matter of the record and not questionable but you still deny it in hopes that people who haven’t seen the record will believe your lies.  In case anybody missed it; here is a link to Obama’s votes on infanticide.


  22. “Obama’s votes on infanticide.”

    From Fact Check:

    What we can say is that many other people – perhaps most – think of “infanticide” as the killing of an infant that would otherwise live. And there are already laws in Illinois, which Obama has said he supports, that protect these children even when they are born as the result of an abortion. Illinois compiled statute 720 ILCS 510/6 states that physicians performing abortions when the fetus is viable must use the procedure most likely to preserve the fetus’ life …”

    Obama, as well as some other Republicans, objected to the right to life legislation as, they felt, the wording, which declared personhood for the fetus, would have effectively banned abortion in Illionois. They also felt that the law would have also required doctors to attempt to revive fetuses that were non viable. 

    Obama was not advocating for doctors to be able to murder babies who had been born. But in your hatred for Obama, you will defame him by any means necessary.  


  23. CC, although no answer to your question will satisfy you because you are pro-aborsh thru and thru, I would gather a person would prove they are an abortion survivor by going to the hospital they were meant to be killed at and asking for their medical records.

    Kinda like how I went to the hospital to get a copy of my records after a doc removed my tonsils.

    Also, if the abortion survivors stories were not true, I am sure the hospitals where they took Place would be crying foul from their rooftops.

    So there! I am sure you will not respond, like all the other times I have challenged you on this forum.


  24. CC, I will correct your above statement:

    Obama was not advocating for doctors to be able to murder *wanted* babies who had been born. He was merely advocating for allowing unwanted babies born alive from botched abortions to be denied life saving medical care.

    There, all fixed.


  25. Kelly,
    Those weren’t botched abortions. They were working out exactly as planned, only the babies lived a little longer than expected.
    Also, don’t expect any good answers from CC. She can’t even defend herself against a 10 year old in a debate.


  26. “They also felt that the law would have also required doctors to attempt to revive fetuses that were non viable.”

    There’s that word again. 


  27. Is it better for docs to waste time and resources trying to revive those that can’t be revived or to neglect living babies who have the possibility of being saved?


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