Last night while researching my “Pro-life princess bride” post, I had an odd email exchange with blogger Marlene at Royal Musings.

Marlene had some pictures posted of Katie Walker’s wedding I thought I might like to use.

According to Fair Use trademark law I know I can post most photos, even copyrighted, as long as I give proper attribution and follow certain guidelines. I even have an ADF attorney on stand-by who specializes in trademark law, and who intervenes when I get emails ordering me to cease and desist, such as I did for the photos on this post, and this one.

But Marlene was so over-reactionary in the protection of her photos, I thought I would drop her a courtesy request, particularly since she seemed to indicate she would grant permission if only asked. Marlene’s response to my request:

I hope you will understand that I cannot agree to allow my photos to be used on your blog.   Please also do not even put a link as my views differ from yours …

This hit me the wrong way. The only reason Marlene was denying my request to post Katie’s wedding photos was because I, like Katie, oppose murdering preborn children?

I responded by explaining to Marlene that I didn’t really need her permission, but whatever, since she went there, let’s discuss the topic of our differences. “How’s this for a photo?” I snipped, attaching this:

Marlene responded:

[A]s a practicing and devout Lutheran, I do not appreciate your anti-Christian comments.   I have no interest in Katie Walker’s political views. I write about royalty, and have for years.

Your blog is not about royalty.  My photos are about royalty. I would ask you to respect my wishes.

Nowhere in my original email did I use the word abortion or anything else.

The first two photos are the last photos of my beloved Buddy who died at the age of 16 on August 8.  The third photo is of a very cute Buddy.

Have a great day .. I shall pray for you to find Peace

Now I hadn’t mentioned anyone’s Christianity in my response to Marlene, and the subject of cats hadn’t entered into the conversation either. And what could “my views differ from yours” mean if not that her views differed from mine on abortion, so much so that she didn’t want me to even link to her blog?

Animals are fine, but Marlene seemed to be saying 1) she was a good person because she loved animals; 2) her cat was more important than an aborted baby.

I responded:

I have no idea what you are speaking about in regard to “anti-Christian” comments. Furthermore, being Lutheran does not make you a Christ follower. I worked as an RN for a hospital that was affiliated with the ELCA [Evangelical Lutheran Church of America], which I’m guessing is your denomination, and that denomination supported aborting babies alive and letting them die in a hospital soiled utility room with no medical attention whatsoever. Find in your Bible where this is something Jesus would condone.

Marlene wrote back:

I offered you a great option.  I gave you the website of the official wedding photographer, whose photos are a lot better than mine….

How come you do not fight to stop hunger in this country or make sure every child has decent housing.   ASll

If your blog was about chocolate chip cookies, I would not allow the request.  I have sold the photo to three sources.  I am a widow, and I am 2 years older than you.    The only bias is that your blog is not about royalty.  I could care less about your views.  Really.

To paraphrase Mrs. Patrick Campbell, I don’t care what people do as long as they don’t do it in the streets and frighten the horses … and Moliere wrote in the Misanthrope (Tony Harrison translation):  Best leave the sins of others well alone, until you made some headway of your own.”

Or my favorite:  Sin boldly, but love God more Boldly still.

You did not even acknowledge my photos.  I have enclosed more … Buddy was such a cute kitten.  Don’t you think….

This has nothing whatsoever to do with your views.  No interest in that.   You do not write about royalty.

Why are you so angry?…

Enjoy my photos, and think about how wonderful it is to be loved by pets and to care for pets …. animals are among the greatest of all of God’s gifts.

There is so much wrong with Marlene’s rationalizing brain I don’t know where to begin.

And no, I hadn’t said, “What a cute cat,” but Marlene didn’t acknowledge the photo of the aborted baby  either.

And so I got more pictures of Buddy, along with one of baseball mascots…

In the end, Marlene was right. There were wedding photos out there better than hers.

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