If Planned Parenthood were named Halliburton, would MSM notice the collusion?

If the CEO of Halliburton ever gave a speech at the Republican National Convention, it is a sure bet liberals and the mainstream media would go into convulsions and accuse  Halliburton and the GOP of collusion.

After all, how smelly would it be for a Big Oil recipient of taxpayer funding to schmooze for the political party deemed to have provided that funding?

Yet no one in the media batted an eye when the CEO of Planned Parenthood, America’s Big Abortion business and recipient of $500 million annually in taxpayer funding, shilled for the Democrat Party during its convention last week, getting a prime time speaking spot to boot. In fact, home town media bragged

It is obvious Democrat leaders Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have used their positions of power to protect Planned Parenthood’s funding.

In 2011 they threatened to shut down the entire government were Planned Parenthood stricken from the budget. Obama has circumvented state legislatures to keep Planned Parenthood’s funding spigot open.

ABC’s Jake Tapper reported (without noticing the obvious conflict of interest) that PP CEO Cecile Richards was in Obama’s inner circle when deciding to move forward on the contraception mandate, which will net Planned Parenthood a windfall.

Obama has even made a promotional video for Planned Parenthood from inside the White House. The collusion is obvious, but MSM is blind to it.

Clearly money in one pocket frees Planned Parenthood to spend money from another, to get Obama and Democrats reelected.

Case in point. Today Planned Parenthood announced it “is launching its largest single ad buy ever, a $3.2 million campaign against Mitt Romney in Ohio and Virginia through the political arm Planned Parenthood Votes.”

Obviously PP only has that money to spend because it is being subsidized by Democrats. Here’s the ad, full of the usual lies and distortions…

YouTube Preview Image

But all that extra money also frees Planned Parenthood to promote itself. For example, it is launching a new department, “Brand Engagement,” obviously needed thanks to Lila Rose and Live Action, but nonetheless easy to launch with the cushion of federal tax dollars. Click to enlarge…

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9 thoughts on “If Planned Parenthood were named Halliburton, would MSM notice the collusion?”

  1. A friendly tip for the new National Director of Brand Management: nothing would improve Planned Parenthood’s image more than ceasing to commit abortions!


  2.  “nothing would improve Planned Parenthood’s image more than ceasing to commit abortions!”

    True, but nothing would harm their bottom line more.  So obviously it’s not going to happen. 


  3. The DNC actually ran that promo picture?  On purpose?  Could they have made it any more obvious that Richards was ‘shopped in from some other photo op?  That just looks so amateurish and cheap.


  4. Cheney put his Halliburton holdings in trust (of course, he had to, by law). But Obama promised PP before he was elected that he would always promote and support it. And of course he did.


  5. I have wondered about this issue myself.  I think President BO justifies PP attendance at the D&C by reasoningthat PP supports that increasingly vague notion of “reproductive rights” and is not just a government funded organization.  However, this reasoning fails to notice that Haliburton could be said to be defender of “national security” and not simply a company that receives government funding.  

    The MSM should be called the DPM – the Democratic Party’s Media.   For example, Meet the Press could change its name to Meet the Democratic Press.  The objectivity by which they report on the two parties is non-existent.


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