Paul Ryan: HHS contraceptive mandate “will be gone” if Romney wins

Wisconsin congressman [and pro-life Catholic Paul Ryan] said if he and Mitt Romney win the election in November, the requirement [for] religious employers… to provide contraception, sterilization, and abortifacient drugs “will be gone, I can guarantee you that….

The Obama administration failed to recognize this mandate is in violation of our First Amendment right of religious freedom…. His decision disrespects not only the religious community, but it also disrespects the Constitution.”…

Joseph Koss at writes that… during the vice presidential debate between Ryan and Joe Biden on October 11… “we will most likely see two very different interpretations of Catholic teaching in action.”

~ Ben Johnson, Life Site News, September 24

[HT: Jill]

2 thoughts on “Paul Ryan: HHS contraceptive mandate “will be gone” if Romney wins”

  1. John, I’m not sure if your histrionic, strangely profane comment will survive for long, so this may only be for your beady little eyes.
    Marathon runners are said to often misremember their best time. And I bet Paul Ryan has climbed more mountains than you and I will in a lifetime. I don’t care how many.
    So how have these last years of “hope and change” been working out for your? You’re in a tiny minority that have hope for an economic improvement under our disinterested prez. And the only change has been insulting our allies and bowing to our enemies.
    As for appreciating and supporting young human life, yes I do. But not in the sophomoric, perverted sense your scrambled brain thinks. Could I say the same of your attitude toward that poor baby gasping his last breaths who we memorialize in this blog? Your Dear Leader stands beside you in approval.


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