by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN and Kelli

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  • Sharp eyes at Moral Outcry found, while doing research on the release of former Susan G. Komen employee Karen Handel’s new book, Planned Bullyhood, that the pink Komen bibles marketed (and then removed) by LifeWay last year were mistakenly on sale again. LifeWay has been notified and has corrected this error.

    Susan Tyrrell also details how the explosive news about Komen’s attempt to cease funding for Planned Parenthood was discovered last year.

  • Pro-Life Action League discusses some tragic findings in the autopsy of Tonya Reaves (pictured far left), who died this summer due to a botched abortion and the negligence of a Chicago Planned Parenthood (which advertises that they only do birth control and chemical abortions). Reaves received an incomplete second trimester abortion and was transported to the hospital 5 1/2 hours later, suffering from uncontrollable bleeding.
  • Right to Life of Michigan shares an article describing how hardened the Democratic Party is on the issue of abortion – so much so, that even measures to protect women seeking abortions are considered too extreme for their support.
  • ProLifeBlogs links to an article on an intimidation attempt by UK abortion giant, Marie Stopes International, to silence pro-lifers who give women information on abortion and mental health.
  • Mommy Life links to new mom Cassy Fiano’s list of reasons why a child’s diagnosis of Down syndrome “won’t ruin your life.”
  • Women of Faith in Culture takes exception to the religious left’s sentiments that the Democrats’ off-again, on-again mention of God in their party platform was really no big deal and we should get over it:

    Platforms say a lot, especially when they say nothing at all. And being casual about the removal of God’s name says a lot about the culture we live in and the work the Church has before her.

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