The modern liberal feminist psyche has become so obsessed with sex, how the act itself and the consequences of it will be funded and celebrated, that contraception and abortion are seemingly feminism’s only urgent interests anymore.

Like a Freudian fixation, sex is all they see. It is in everything.

Outside of sex… the other political projects feminists concern themselves with these days seem either ill-conceived, redundant or grasping at relevance in a world that, let’s face it, is much closer to egalitarian than many young women care to admit….

The problem with today’s version of feminism (other than looking like chicanery and cheap titillation) is that it has forgotten its original goals and stubbornly fails to acknowledge the considerable achievements already made.

As Joe Klein put it in Time on Monday, “Women are moving beyond equality now toward dominance as more of them graduate from college than men.”

So when Sandra Fluke spoke of supposed efforts to silence and victimize women, it sounded so sclerotic and reductive that even some on the left questioned the message. Kirsten Powers, a Democratic strategist, tweeted, “I hope that any young girl who saw that Fluke speech has someone to tell her it’s a lie: Women are powerful and have freedom of speech.”

If feminism in America is to be taken seriously again, it needs nuanced, serious messengers who recognize what century they’re in — and can get their minds out of the gutter.

~ Conservative political writer S.E. Cupp, New York Daily News, September 12

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