Another title for my post might be, “Andrea Grimes is no Lila Rose.”

Pro-abortion RH Reality Check reporter Andrea was horrified that her investigation of the Texas Women’s Health Program turned up “only” 13 – 13! -  healthcare providers in the vicinity of Downtown Austin Planned Parenthood that will give pap smears to low income women.

Andrea was trying to make the case that the State of Texas’s court-upheld decision to exclude Planned Parenthood from its state Medicaid program will leave low income women in the lurch.

Andrea thinks having 13 healthcare providers available to fill the shoes of one Planned Parenthood is somehow deplorable.

Whose side is Andrea on again?

Andrea complained she had to weed through a list of 181 providers to find those 13. Andrea has apparently never had to deal with an insurance company as an adult, trying to find a few good names from an encyclopedia of listings.


UPDATE 9/8 10a: I thought of something else. At the end of her video Andrea dramatically details how difficult it would be for a woman to get to the 13th provider – 40 minutes by car and supposedly two hours by bus (plus a half-mile walk). This is to assume all the low-income women in Austin live close to Planned Parenthood. But the same argument could be made for those living near that 13th provider who would be forced to get to PP.

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