I don’t recall ever posting a pro-life work of fiction, but I received a thought-provoking piece from Minnesota pro-lifer William S. Wentink I thought you might enjoy reading on your extra leisure day off.

Wentink describes himself as a “retired IBMer and managing partner of a website development company.” I’m including the first couple paragraphs here, and then linking to a pdf of the entire short story.

I’ll be interested in your thoughts….

The Last Conversation

By William Wentink

The end of THE DAY

The tall, slim man walked out the door from an upscale office building to the parking lot. His usual perfect posture doesn’t carry him today; neither do his male model looks. The gloomy sky mirrors his mood.

What an unbelievable disaster of a day.” I am reluctantly recalling one of the worst days of my life. The downward spiral began last night…

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[Graphic via Suite101.com]

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