I know he’s loved, and that makes me happy. It’s just that I’d do anything for the chance to experience the happiness of motherhood myself….

I’d produced 19 healthy eggs at the age of 31, so I didn’t for one second believe that we’d have any trouble conceiving. But every month, when I discovered I wasn’t pregnant, I felt the same sickening disappointment….

[My doctor] told me: “I’m sorry, we don’t give IVF to women aged 40 and over.” To be honest, it felt like a slap in the face.

I’d helped out the NHS [National Health Service government healthcare] as an egg donor, and granted the gift of life to another woman. Now, when I desperately wanted a baby of my own, the NHS wouldn’t help me in return.

They were happy to exploit my fertility when I was young, but now that I wasn’t so fertile, doors were suddenly slamming in my face.

~ The UK’s Louise Milano, remarking on the pain of having never met a biological son born via IVF from her egg donation 13 years ago, as well as her own inability to conceive years later, as quoted by The Daily Mail, September 12

[Photo via The Daily Mail]

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