Abortion ship to enter Muslim waters

10/3, 4:30p: Women on Waves has announced it will arrive in Smir, Morocco, on October 4 at 1a.

10/2, 11:14a: Because there is not enough social unrest in the Middle East, I agree it is the perfect time for the so-called “abortion ship” to stir the waters even more.

Women on Waves has announced it will anchor this week in a Muslim country for the first time ever: Morocco,  a country where 98.7% of the population identify as Muslims, and where the Islamic Justice and Development Party came to power in November 2011.

Women on Waves specializes in committing offshore abortions in countries where abortion is illegal.

Islam is a bit all over the map on abortion, but by and large the religion forbids it. In Morocco abortion is allowed for life or physical/mental health of the mother.

Women on Waves has decided to test the waters at an interesting time, right after Moroccan Islamists joined those in several other Muslim countries to protest the U.S. This CNBC photo, taken September 14, shows them burning an American flag outside a Moroccan mosque…

Were this a Christian missionary ship, our State Department and liberals would be demanding that it reverse course.

But since the goal of Women on Waves is to kill Moroccan children, our government will be fine with it. Who knows, we may send a war ship to protect it.

Women on Waves is a Dutch organization. Whether Moroccans will view it as an intrusion of Western influence into their culture remains to be seen. Women on Waves will release the place, date, and time of the ship’s arrival tomorrow.

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24 thoughts on “Abortion ship to enter Muslim waters”

  1. “Were this a Christian missionary ship, our State Department and liberals would be demanding that it reverse course.”

    Sure.  Whine, whine, whine.  It’s all you people do. 


  2. Tyler,
    I’m more concerned with the fact they’re doing surgery on an unstable surface like a large body of water. Perforated uterus much?
    Whups, I mean, “Safe, legal, rare, blah blah blah, trust women, blah blah blah, bodily autonomy, blah blah blah.”


  3. I’m a bit confused. If they are docking in Moroccan waters, how is it that the Moroccan government allows them to? Couldn’t they intercept the ship and forbid it to enter?


  4. I’m sure this ship is followed by a lot of sharks.  :(

    (If you remember what Roy Sheider was doing just before he said, “We’re going to need a bigger boat!”)

    :( :(


  5. Yes, Hans, I am sure they just dispose of the “medical waste” by throwing it overboard.

    Um, what happens if one of the women has complications form the abortion?  Is the ship going to come back and help them?


  6. The Vigilante Vuhgynuhs are on the war path….again.

    If their garbage scow is torpedoed, what will the abandon ship alert sound like.

    “Feminazis and feministas first, pregnant women and children…..down with the ship!.”




  7. Do they have privileges at a nearby hospital?  In case something so very safe happens that threatens a woman’s life?



  8. Hi again Steve,

    Since you seem to be sticking around please read and follow the rules for commenters.

    I will be deleting anything with name calling.

    Let’s use our big boy words. 


  9. Q.  If someone videotapes this and launches it on YouTube and a “spontaneous” riot erupts and our embassy burns, will Obama and Clinton call Women on Waves reprehensible and denigrating? 


  10. Hi Carla, 2:10PM

    LOL.  I noticed on the other thread that Steve has a thing for “whine”, no intelligent arguments, just the word “whine”.

    Maybe we should stick to single syllable words and very brief sentences here so that Steve can more easily engage in conversation. 

    Carla and phillymiss:

    Excellent point about complications. What medical care if any is available should these women suffer hemorrhage or infection after the boat departs, or if a woman begins hemorrhaging on the boat?       


  11.  Maybe docking this ship will get it blown out of the water once and for all.
    I can only assume these Women on Waves have a death wish. Somehow I suspect Al Qaeda would have no problem with blowing a huge hole in the side of the boat when the ladies are far from shore.


  12. Mary, don’t forget psychological problems — even though ‘borts deny it, they DO occur in some women. 


  13. My understanding is that they sail and dock in international waters and have smaller boats bring individuals out to their ship, where they provide the medications for a medical abortion.

    From their Website: Women on Waves sails a ship to countries where abortion is illegal. With the use of a ship, early medical abortions (till 61/2 weeks of pregnancy) can be provided safely, professionally and legally. Applicability of national penal legislation, and thus also of abortion law, extends only to territorial waters; outside that 12-mile radius (or 2 hours sailing) it is thus Dutch law that applies on board the ship, which means that all our activities are legal.
    But despite their reassurances that having a medical abortion is safe, we know it’s not, (source) as it carries very real risks of complications such as hemorrhage, incomplete abortion, and infection, and the risk for complications can be greater in someone who is beyond the gestational age cut off (if they were to miscalculate the gestional age, for example) and for those with specific cardiovascular, endocrine, and gynecological health conditions. And although they provide follow-up care, the rate of women who actually return for follow-up care is low, and would be especially so in those countries where abortion is illegal. Not to mention the difficulty in seeking emergency care if something goes wrong. They are offering and encouraging an awful risk for women, all for a political agenda to get abortion legalized in countries where it is not culturally wanted or accepted in the first place.


  14. Is it bad that I hope the boat gets burned down? When no one is on board, off course.


  15. Um…

    Dear Women on Waves,

    Does the name “Ambassador Chris Stevens” mean anything to you?
    At all? 




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