Breaking: Eric Holder’s wife co-owns abortion clinic building run by indicted abortionist

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Thanks to pro-lifers Michelle Wolven and Catherine Davis, a small group of us have been on this story for weeks.

While Michelle and Catherine were digging through online records of Georgia abortion clinics, they stumbled on the fact that Attorney General Eric Holder’s wife Sharon Malone Holder (both pictured right) co-owns with her sister an Atlanta area abortion clinic building.

The building is located at 6210 Old National Highway, College Park, Georgia.

The business itself is called Old National GYN. Click on deed above and see below…

The story was so big, Catherine handed it off to reporter Troy Anderson.

Anderson’s article, “Holder’s family papers over his ties to abortion doctor,” was published in Human Events today.

Anderson’s story deepens beyond the obvious breaking news that Sharon Holder, an OB/GYN herself, co-owns a building – and has for many years – that operates as an abortion clinic.

Clinic abortionist indicted on Medicaid charges

What’s more, the abortionist at Old National, Tyrone Cecile Malloy, was indicted last year by a Georgia grand jury on charges of Medicaid fraud.

The paper trail backward, according to Anderson:

The same tax records show the building was formerly owned by Dr. Mack A. Jones, late husband of another of Holder’s sister-in-laws, Vivian Malone Jones. Her death, announced in an Oct. 14, 2005 obituary in The Washington Post, reported that she was Malone Holder’s sister.

The other two sisters apparently inherited the building at that time.

Paper trail cover-up attempt

Anderson further detailed how, after he alerted the Holders and sister co-owner Margie Malone Tuckson 0f the information he had, requesting comment, the family quickly moved to put the abortion clinic building into a blind trust.

Explains a lot

Pro-lifers agree Holder’s ties to the abortion industry explain a lot – his attacks against pro-life activists and that he looks the other way on abortion industry skulduggery. Details Anderson:

Critics say it may also explain why Holder has been eager to prosecute pro-life advocates who counsel women outside abortion clinics….

“There is a clear conflict of interest when the man charged with pursuing those that abuse the system is also one who is engaged in some way with the business,” said Davis, whose organization brought the issue to the attention of Watchdog….

In recent months, judges have blocked Holder’s efforts to punish pro-life supporters counseling women outside abortion clinics. In one case, Holder’s Department of Justice agreed to pay Mary “Susan” Pine $120,000 for its filing of an “improper lawsuit” against her, according to a statement by Liberty Counsel, an Orlando, Fla.-based nonprofit legal firm. Pine counseled women on the sidewalk outside a Florida abortion clinic….

Karen Handel, the former secretary of state in Georgia and a former senior vice president of public policy for the Susan G. Komen Center, said she was “shocked” by the findings of the Watchdog investigation.

“It certainly underscores the deep ties the Obama Administration has to the abortion issue,” said Handel, author of the new book, Planned Bullyhood: The Truth Behind the Headlines about the Planned Parenthood Funding Battle with Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

“This certainly seems to shed some additional light into why Obama and his team seem obsessed with protecting Planned Parenthood and abortion rights at the expense of other important issues in the country.”…

Davis pointed to cases in which activists have sued Planned Parenthood for alleged Medicaid fraud – in Georgia, Iowa, Texas, New York, and Massachusetts – but where Holder’s Justice Department has failed to act.

“The U.S. attorney general has not at all pursued a case against any of them, including this one in Georgia where his wife owns the property,” Davis said.

Also add to the mix the DOJ’s October decision not to investigate an Indiana abortion clinic Allen County Right to Life alleges is violating the Americans with Disabilities Act.

47 thoughts on “Breaking: Eric Holder’s wife co-owns abortion clinic building run by indicted abortionist”

  1. Wow. Although, not really surprising. Everything about the Holders screams “low-life” and “creepy.”


  2. Mr. Holder what were you thinking when you hounded prolifers?  Never mind it appears we have found out. 


  3. I particularly like the exchange copied below from the linked story … Busted! I just wonder how many other “conflicts of interest” they successfully covered their tracks on.

    “No, absolutely not,” Tuckson said. “I’ve told you the truth: I do not technically own that property. My sister does not technically own that property. And if you say that we do, that is a lie.”

    Asked why she used the word “technically,” Tuckson said, “You need to do your own work and look at the deed. I pulled it up, and I’m looking at it right now. We are not on the deed.”

    A Watchdog reporter asked Tuckson how she happened to have a copy of the deed to a piece of property she doesn’t own. After a very long pause, Tuckson replied, “I just pulled it up.”


  4. Hi Tyler,4:23PM

    Probably the same thing he was thinking when he turned a blind eye to voter intimidation by the New Black Panther Party.   

    Sounds like this is one pair that truly deserve each other.  Slimey and Just As. 


  5. So the chief agent of the Obama administration charged with enforcing the laws of the United States of America is married to a woman who owns a business which has defrauded the American tax payers? This would be bad enough but for the fact that Barack Obama has gone that extra country mile to defend the very industry which Holder’s wife is engaged in, the killing of the unborn with legal abortion. Not only do any of these individuals respect the sanctity of life, they don’t even respect the rule of law.   


  6. Wow. Just when you think the Obama / Holder gang can’t be any more despicable, there’s more. Nov 6 we need to flush this toilet. May God forgive and save this great nation.


  7. Just another reason why this nation needs to take the path of the proverbial drunk who hits bottom.  The nation needs to tank so that these vermin can be taken to task in a timly and proper manner.


  8. How is it a conflict of interest to carry out his job on cases before him that have nothing to do with his abortion clinic?

    Also: the mom-and-pop abortion clinics are getting reduced in number over the years, while PP is gaining over the years. They are doing what Walmart did to small-town grocers – putting them out of business with economy-of-scale.

    It does show how every time something like this gets noticed, it gets minimized, papered over, obscured, covered up, etc.

    This guy’s blog conveys an interesting conspiracy theory – over recent years, some force has made it difficult to get hold of legal materials concerning the legal definition of ‘natural-born citizen.’ If his story is valid, it is yet another example of partisan covering-things-up:
    Here, a PP joint project with a university research effort concerning school-based sex ed disappears once someone brings attention to it:

    And on and on. 


  9. Eric Holder is the most corrupt Attorney General this country has ever seen. We must not let him continue to practice his corruption on our nation with impunity.


  10. This was went for Obama and Clinton even Chicago.  Death is whatever.  I will let the let out Obama and Clinton and even out.  Whateven! 


  11. I trust you will apply equal vigour in conducting your witch-hunt against the people and organisations which are the long-term owners of buildings within which systemic criminal activities have taken place for decades if not longer. Particularly those who were aware that those criminal activities were taking place.


  12. According to Holder’s biography, his wife IS.AN.OBSTETRICIAN!!!

    They have three children . . .  


  13. Reality re: 7:44pm.  

    I think the Boy Scouts of America are starting to deal with the massive cover-ups of child sexual abuse in their organization and communities.  Thank goodness.  

    The Catholic Church has some great Child Safety Programs that the Scouts could implement and emulate.  Make sure to pass this information on to any Boy Scout leaders you may know.


  14. Ugh! We have the most vile banana-republic style dictatorship leading our abused nation.  A bunch of radicals, anti-American extremists, gun-runners, collaborators, Islamists, Communists, Marxists, crooks, perverts, freaks, lesbians, race-baiters and baby-killers. Have I left anyone out? God help us all.  Vote Romney/Ryan


  15. Praxedes re:11:52pm
    Just let me know when you intend to hound, ostracise and boycott the people and organisations who own the buildings in which endemic criminal activities have taken place over a vast length of time. Particularly those who knew what was going on and institutionalised evasive techniques.


  16. Eric Holder is a high priest of the liberal left.  He exercises his position willy-nilly, knowing that his color will protect him.  He, like the rest of his ilk, believe that they have the dogma for reshaping America and, consequently, whatever they deem necessary must be advanced.  It is an evil arrogance that, hopefully, will be stopped in its tracks.  Otherwise, we are doomed.  Benghazi is the latest demonstration of the affirmative action principals at work in Washington.
      THe media is in the tank to cover for the president.  He is, most likely, treasonous in this in-action, as well as what happened in Mexico with Fast and Furious – in fact, this is Fast and Furious, Part 2.  God, please help this nation combat the evil that is the left. 


  17. Just let me know when you intend to hound, ostracise and boycott the people and organisations who own the buildings in which endemic criminal activities have taken place over a vast length of time. Particularly those who knew what was going on and institutionalised evasive techniques.
    I will ostracize and boycott (sorry, I don’t hound, that’s more of a trait of the left I believe) these people just as soon as you post their specific names here, Reality.  Please name only those who actually committed a crime or those who covered up a crime.  If they are already incarcerated, I don’t need the names because we are safe from them.  

    Make sure to add their city and state so we don’t have any mix-ups. Example:  Peter Pan from Miami, Florida. Otherwise I might think you are talking about Peter Pan from Jackson, Mississippi, and we don’t want to publicly accuse an innocent Peter Pan.  Does this make sense?

     I’m sure you have all your ducks in a row and are 100% sure of the guilt of these people that you allude to because I’m sure you would never want to slander innocent people.

    If you don’t post the names within the next several days, I’m going to assume you don’t have any.  If you don’t have any names, I’m asking you to stop with your hollow innuendos.  They only make you look more insane.



  18. Pathetic Praxedes. It’s far from hollow innuendos. You know as well as I do that numerous people have been charged and convicted of crimes which they and their institution covered up for years. Their names and photographs are in the media. There are numerous reports showing the systemic protection and transfer of these criminals.
    But if you insist, here are three examples from just the first page of results from my first search criteria:

    Like I said, long term, systemic abuse and cover-up over decades. So will you decry the owners of the buildings within which these events took place?


  19. We’d have to decry all the public school districts across the country, as well. 

    That’d make for a pretty busy schedule.


  20. We sure would, Rasqual.  And since I work in a public school, maybe Reality thinks I should quit my job.  Maybe Reality believes Catholics shouldn’t be allowed to teach in public schools anyway.  I could post some links related to pedophiles and their enablers at public schools but there are just too many links to pick from.

    I think it’s better if I keep going to work though and keep my eyes and ears open for any shenanigans.  Lucky I was trained in a Child Safety program through the Catholic Church so I know what to watch out for.  

    Buildings don’t rape children, Reality.  Child rapists do.


  21. You keep trying to obfuscate and divert attention from the real issue here Praxedes.
    The article above is an attack on a pro-choice politician, asserting that there is some sort of conspiracy because his wife just happened to inherit part ownership of a building which contains a legitimate business that you don’t approve of.
    It claims that this is the reason why he tries to prevent certain groups from harassing and impeding people from conducting their own personal and legitimate activities. It is an extraordinarily tenuous link. This is not the only site where he wishes to prevent people being pestered.
    Yet there is no clamouring criticism or outcry against those who own buildings within which long-term, systemic criminal activities have taken place; or attempts to infer that those owners must therefore approve of what takes place.
    No, buildings don’t rape children, Praxedes. But if we apply the logic of the article above then the people who own them must be conspiring.


  22. You changed the subject @ 7:44, Reality.

    Of course I guess comparing child rape to child murder isn’t too far of a stretch.


  23. Hm, we all know that child rape exists, is a crime, and in some cases is systematically hidden and the perpetrators protected.
    We don’t all consider abortion to be ‘child murder’. Nor is abortion a crime.


  24. Killing Jews was perfectly legal and not considered murder in 1935 Germany, Reality. Is it your contention that Germans who killed Jews in that time period were absolutely innocent, morally speaking?


  25. There is no comparison. Attempts to conflate abortion with the holocaust are based on false premises, denial of the strategic intent and implementation – and just plain ignorance or intellectual dishonesty.


  26. Once again, the fact that you can’t actually dispute the comparison is very telling, Reality. You can blather all you want about how it’s an alleged false comparison, but you can’t actually spell out how the comparison is false. It’s actually very apt.
    Jews were not considered human and it was legal to kill them. Unborn children are not considered human and it is legal to kill them. The analogy works at the most basic level.


  27. So what you are saying is that there is a government policy to terminate each and every fetus on an ongoing basis?
    That some group of direct government employees or agents, soldiers or whoever, are made to carry out the termination of each and every fetus?
    That this is to continue until there are no fetuses?
    You would have thought that by now at least one president would have called a halt to this central mandate to terminate each and every fetus, wouldn’t you? Bush maybe? Or Reagan?
    Fetuses are considered human, an egg is human, they just haven’t reached the stage of development which endows personhood. Remember the vote? Its like acorns and oak trees.
    People on death row are considered human, heck they’ve even achieved personhood, but its legal to kill them.
    Abortion is to the holocaust like removing one’s own ingrown toenail is to the inquisition.


  28. Well, let’s see, Reality. Our current president is on record as stating that babies are “punishments.” He’s an enthusiastic supporter of both abortion on demand without apology and infanticide. He refuses to condemn gendercide. The largest abortion provider in the nation — one founded by a eugenicist whose stated aims were to prevent the poor and minorities from breeding, since they were “inferior” — is a major campaign contributor and a policy advisor. Oh, and he instituted the HHS Mandate so that fewer women would have children.

    You’re right, the parallels are stunning. Glad we agree.

    A human ovum is not a human being. It is a human cell, similar to an acorn. One sperm and egg have joined, the resultant organism is a new human being with its own unique DNA structure, akin to a sapling. No biologist in his/her right mind would say that a sapling is not an oak tree. Similarly, a zygote is a human being. Perhaps you should learn more about human reproduction?

    Yes, the state does possess the authority to kill human beings who have proven to be a clear danger to society, once those human beings have received due process of law. If you are suggesting that unborn human children should get due process of law prior to their executions, then I fully agree with you! I look forward to your attempt to prove that an innocent unborn child has merited the death penalty due to his/her crimes.       




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