Denver abortionist Reid Goodman really, really doesn’t want anyone to know he commits abortions at Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, so much so that he wears a mask to work. Looks somewhat like Jason’s.

This is because Goodman is part of a legitimate practices, Mile High OB/GYN (although it, too, commits abortions).

Pro-life activist Tony Massey discovered Goodman had posted a promotional video for his practice on YouTube (removed this past weekend).

Tony decided to juxtapose Goodman’s happy face (pictured left) with his masked face (pictured above right) in his own video

Although the scenarios were different, the intent of Tony’s video was virtually identical to the intent of Center for Bio-Ethical Reform’s Northland video – to peel the mask off of abortion, pardon the pun, and expose its hidden reality. We all now know that although Northland Family Planning Centers sued CBR and Gregg Cunningham, they lost – and now owe a pile of money to CBR’s attorneys.

Yet on October 19 attorney Douglas Choi (pictured left) of TangoLaw sent Tony a “cease and desist” letter, giving him three days to remove his video from his website. Strangely, Choi wrote on behalf of the company that produced Reid’s video, DataSphere.Technologies, Inc.

So the three days is up. Back at you, Mr. Choi. Tony is not removing the video and has now gone further and also uploaded it to

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