On October 19 the Obama campaign announced via video by Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards that she was taking a leave of absence from her “day job” to campaign full-time for Barack Obama in the waning days leading up to the presidential election….


As I tweeted, this is because Planned Parenthood knows its goose is flambéed a thousand different ways if Obama is defeated.

Obama is Planned Parenthood’s firewall. He has ensured a new windfall money stream by way of free contraceptive coverage in Obamacare that will be lost if Mitt Romney becomes president, and he has stopped both state and federal defunding efforts that will also be lost if Romney replaces him. There are also those ongoing state and federal investigations that Obama will not be able to meddle in if gone.

So the stakes are huge for Planned Parenthood in this election. It is no wonder Richards has panicked. This also explains why Planned Parenthood has spent a record $12 million to retain Obama.

On October 19 Richards accompanied the president on the campaign trail (see both photos above), introducing him at a Fairfax, Virginia, event…


At this point it appears Obama’s attempt to define women according to their “lady parts” is falling flat. According to Politico today, Romney has now taken a narrow 49-47% lead in nationwide polling of likely voters, because:

Women propelled Romney’s move into first place in the poll – a majority of which was conducted before the Hofstra debate. Obama’s 11-point advantage a week ago among the crucially important group dwindled to 6 points. The Democratic incumbent still leads 51 to 45 percent with women….

In the important state of Ohio, a new Quinnipiac/CBS News poll shows that while Obama still leads Romney 50-45% among likely voters, he has slipped from a 53-43% edge in September.  About Buckeye State women, according to The Hill

Obama holds a double-digit lead among women over Romney, with 55% supporting Obama to 40% supporting Romney. But that margin, too, is smaller than in September, when the poll found Obama leading Romney among female voters 60 to 35.

I wonder if Richards’ $400,000+ salary will reflect her leave? I suppose it depends on whether Obama wins or loses.

UPDATE 11:40a: Rasmussen is reporting

Mitt Romney has now reached the 50% mark for the first time in Colorado and leads President Obama by four in the critical swing state….. the fourth swing state that has moved in Romney’s direction in the past week. Florida, Missouri and North Carolina have now shifted from Toss-Up to Leans Romney….

Two weeks ago, the candidates were basically tied in Colorado, with the president edging his Republican challenger 49% to 48%.

The poll was conducted yesterday, October 21. The reason this is particularly interesting? According to reporterherald.com, also yesterday…

During a recent campaign stop… Cecile Richards asked President Barack Obama what was needed in the short weeks leading up to Election Day. His answer, Richards said, was “go to Colorado,” leading her to take vacation from her day job and board the Women Decide 2012 RV tour….

Richards noted on her Facebook page yesterday she was wrapping up the two day Colorado tour. That sounds like a good thing.

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