The October 22 issue of The Weekly Standard magazine features a lengthy article about pro-life activist Randall Terry.

Writer Matt Labash spent a week with Terry, his family, and Terry’s band of pro-life renegades at Terry’s “bunkhouse” in West Virginia (formerly a Catholic group home for adults with Down syndrome).

The result was a well-written piece that keeps one engaged to the end. Labash captured Terry’s eccentricities without dismissing him as a nut and left open the door that Terry just may be a pro-life savant.

The impetus for Labash’s article was Terry’s latest project, which is to air his uniquely produced pro-life ads in strategic areas across the U.S., with a simple goal of suppressing Obama supporters from voting and losing Obama the election.

Before the explanation, here are the ads. The first is entitled, “Uncle Tom Jackson: Carrying water for racists,” taking on actor Samuel Jackson for his “WAKE THE F*** UP” pro-Obama ad

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The next ad is called, “Abortion Nightmare: I can’t vote for Obama again,” which I think is one of Terry’s best…

From the article, here is how Terry thinks he can sink Obama with his ads:

Astute political observers could be forgiven for wondering how Terry’s ragtag outfit could, as Terry puts it, “bring down a sitting president with dead babies.” If I were a betting man, my money would be on “not especially likely.” But that doesn’t mean Terry doesn’t have an elaborate strategy. He’s been market-testing it for years. He challenged Obama in Democratic primaries to force the FCC to allow his dead-baby ads to run during the Super Bowl in states where he could get on the ballot. Earlier this year, he did, in fact, beat Obama outright in 14 counties in Oklahoma…. Terry’s efforts were good for 18 percent of the vote….

But Terry’s machinations in the general election aren’t entirely fanciful. He points to a recent poll conducted by the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List in four big swing states (including Florida and Ohio), which indicates that abortion is an unexploited avenue of attack. By a 2-1 margin, undecideds said they were less likely to vote for Obama after learning about his inclusion of taxpayer-funding for abortions in Obamacare. Sixty-six percent of swing voters were less likely to vote for candidates supporting the HHS mandate that forces faith-based institutions to provide health coverage for abortion-inducing drugs. Even 49% of voters leaning toward Obama are less likely to do so after learning of his opposition to a law that prevented babies from being left to die after a failed abortion….

Terry’s slate isn’t big – there are only six candidates including Terry. But he counts four times since he’s on the presidential ballot in Nebraska, West Virginia, and Kentucky, and is running against Rep. Alcee Hastings in Florida as well. Hastings’s district can reach the core of Obama’s support in South Florida, which encompasses nearly a third of the population of the state. Terry’s internal Florida polling shows that hardcore “anti-baby-killing ads” can suppress Obama’s vote by 4 percent if people see them (Obama won the state by 2.8 percentage points in 2008). But what is important to Terry isn’t how many candidates are running, it’s how many swing-state television markets can be reached. For example, depending on where Terry buys ads in West Virginia, those ads can also hit Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

Terry’s plan, then, is to wage what he baldly calls a “voter suppression campaign.” He knows full well his ads will turn off large swaths of voters. But he’s only playing for a segment of the electorate – the 54% of Catholics and the 26% of evangelicals who voted for “the quintessential child killer in the Western Hemisphere” in 2008. His ads are designed to drown those voters in shame and the blood of dead babies. They can vote for Mitt Romney or not. He doesn’t really care. “They can vote for Mickey Mouse, they can vote for their mothers,” Terry says. “Just don’t vote for Obama.”

The Jackson ad is currently running through October 16 on these tv stations.

Terry has paid $90,000 for “Abortion Nightmare” ad buys in Washington, D.C., and Miami to run beginning on the 22nd on various network shows like Ben & Kate, CSI, Dancing with the Stars, House, Law & Order, NFL Sunday Night Football, Person of Interest, Private Practice, Revenge, Supernatural, SUV, Revenge, 30 Rock, Without a Trace, and late night comedy shows. A focus will be news shows, where Terry thinks independents will be tuning in to pay attention to the election for the first time.

Terry has another $100,000 set aside for more ad buys but, of course, would like to move that marker up as high as he can. Donate at

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