32 thoughts on “Stanek weekend question II: What do you think of this fetal horror Halloween costume?”

  1. It is very sad that our “civilized” society would view this as acceptable…


  2. This costume is awful looking but I think it’s not a surprise in this messed up culture. It wouldn’t have been so bad without the blood.


  3. What can we expect from those that celebrate and promote the actual dismembering of innocent human beings in utero?

    Deranged.  Truly.

    You better get started on your costume!! You don’t have much time to make a bloody baby coming out of your stomach costume!!  Go you. 


  4. While its in bad taste but likely enjoyed by the darker subculture many live in these days, doesn’t it kind of show the baby is “alive inside,” and reaching out for candy like millions of other born children will also be participating in?


  5. I think you guys are over generalizing everyone who wears this costume. My friend is 100% pro-life and has had trouble getting pregnant. She finally got pregnant and is 17 weeks and she told me she wants to wear this costume because she has a sense of humor. Maybe there are some sick people but also there are people that just want to have a simple costume and have a laugh.


  6. Yeah, I’m not sure this is an anti-life slam so much as it is just a wacky Halloween costume.  What do we know about the woman wearing it?  Is she pro-life and just having fun?  Does she have no particular opinion on the abortion issue?  Is she even pregnant at all?  Without more context, I don’t really have an opinion here.


  7. 11 days until Day of the Pre Born. Show people pictures of unborn babies as you go door to door and LET’S STOP ABORTION ONCE AND FOR ALL! ♥
    On October 31, at 4 to 7 pm, it’s your turn to go around your communities SAVING BABIES. I would suggest you dress up as angels or butterflies or something like that. It’s so easy, you don’t need a costume. All you need is to just get the wings and halo and wear it with your regular outfit. I am against abortion and if you are too, please help me save our childrens’ lives!


  8. Glenn – seek help (and grow up) – you’re only painting your side as demonic. I understand some have a macabre sense of humor, but doing things that might trigger a breakdown, particularly if someone recently lost a child, is pretty stupid. 

    Alyssa – great idea – handing out postcards etc. that show life, to get neighbors to think.



  9. I’ve seen worse in San Francisco one year at Halloween.  Some deranged guy was wearing a bloody doctor’s outfit and waving a skewered bloody baby on a coat hanger…as the crowd cheered him on.
    Sick and depraved.


  10. Like it was mentioned above, the costume acknowledges there’s a sentient (baby knows it’s Halloween and wants come candy) human (see arms) in there, not a simple “mass of tissues.”
    Anyway, I miss when it was a children’s holiday, and the adults put the festivities together, then stood back and supervised.


  11. It is a sentient baby reaching out for candy and the blood comes from the hands reaching through the body.  The baby wants candy. |I would prefer it without the blood.
    At first I thought ” Oh no! prochoicers being gruesome.”  but then I realized it was more like baby’s and mom’s first Hallooween. 


  12. Another vote for what the last few people have said. It’s not about a lump of tissues, nor is it a bizarre statement about how fetuses are evil. It’s about a sentient human baby who wants candy and wants it now. The Halloween bucket is a brilliant finishing touch; if your intent is shock and gore, why’s the baby acting cute?

    For a potentially offensive costume, this is really mild. Much less blood and gore than an abortion photo, yet it still makes people think about the life issue. And that’s a good thing, because it causes people to seek the truth.

    @Mike: Yeah, that’s definitely worse. It’s not just offensive; it makes me feel sorry for these guys, that that was the highest-class humor that they could provide for the evening. Sick and low-brow.


  13. I used to love horror/slasher films until I became a mom. Now they really upset me. But I know some people still like that stuff. I kinda view this costume like that. It reminds me of “alien” when the alien jumps out of the chest. Kinda gross but I don’t think this costume is a big deal. It does show what we already know, that a pregnant woman has a baby with arms inside of her, not a ball of cells. So in a way its kinda pro-life though it is also kind reinforcing that mentality pro-choicers have that the baby is out to hurt you and is using your body no matter how much it hurts you.


  14. It’s sick.  Sorry to rain on the humor parade, but making babies creepy and bloody is just plain sick.  Then again, I think Halloween in general is just plain sick.  A blight on an otherwise lovely and perfect season.


  15. I’m no fan of this kind of stuff, but I reserve my umbrage for abortion.

    I refuse to spend perfectly good anger on cheaper things. 


  16. I agree with Jill. Without the blood, it’s kind of cute. especially the little hand holding the jack-o-lantern bucket.
    It is “kind of” a pro-life statement, even if that is not what the wearer intended. It implies that there is a LIVING being in there, and he/she has his/her own mind, with one thing on it….CANDY!  ;)


  17. I was at a Halloween party four years ago, and one couple had complementary costumes. She was “wearing an oven” around her midsection, and when you opened the cardboard door, you saw a sonogram. He was dressed as a chef.

    I asked if that was a real sonogram. They said that it was, and I congratulated them.


  18. mts1 wow, that’s like, hell on earth! I was thinking before i read your post that this baby would jump out and start hunting down abortion doctors or something, I don’t know, it was a short daydream, and then I read your post, and I was back in reality. Glad I don’t like, live in San Francisco. In the 1950’s they made Black jokes and in the new millennium they make baby jokes. I saw on the T.V. show, “Two and a half men,” Charlie Sheen’s carachter threw up on a baby.  Then again, maybe that wasn’t his charachter, maybe that was him. Either way these kinds of sport seam very spiritually motivated. What kind of HUMAN BEING hurts a little baby, even in jest.
     Nowadays I say alot of hail mary’s in october.



  19. I hardly think my appreciation of this costume warrants me being told to seek help and grow up, Chris. If somebody else doesn’t like this then I won’t fight to make them change their mind (it’s no concern of mine), but personal abuse isn’t called for.

    And to add to my earlier comment, I absolutely agree with those who say that this costume emphasizes the humanity of the unborn.


  20. I think it accomplishes its purpose of gruesome and funny for a Halloween costume. Baby is alive and wants candy.


  21. I think Halloween shouldn’t be scary. I like cute things, not this. Pictures of LIVING Preborn Babies prove the point better than this because those pictures are real.


  22. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Has been forever. I’ve dressed up every year, and plan on dressing up as long as I am able. It’s only gotten better since I’ve had my two kids, and I love going out trick-or-treating with them. My parents used to get dressed up for our Halloween party (since we lived in the sticks, too far away from the city to trick-or-treat) and play the party games with us. I never knew a time where parents just “stood back and supervised”, thank goodness. I’d rather have fun parents who actually enjoyed the holiday WITH me than just sat back sipping wine, talking, and every once-in-a-while chiming in with “Billy, get down from there, you’re going to hurt yourself.”
    My favorite movie genre is horror, too, specifically zombie movies, and I love that Halloween is a time to celebrate the creepy and grotesque, so I love this costume, and wish I would’ve thought of it the year I was very pregnant with my son and still went out trick-or-treating with my daughter.


  23. I strongly dislike the costume.

    However, since it brings up Halloween, i would like to take this time to mention something that many people may overlook.  Some disturbed people, usually adolescents, “sacrifice” black cats (and less commonly, black dogs) around this time of the year. Some animal shelters have a policy of not adopting out black cats during October for this reason.  When I mentioned this to someone, she answered, “Years ago I had a black dog that disappeared the day before Halloween. We never saw it again. I’ve always wondered if something like that might have happened to it.

    At any rate, some of you might want to consider being especially protective of black cats and dogs this month. 


  24. In a creepy way (fitting for Halloween), I really like this Halloween shirt.  The only thing I would change is 50% less blood.  Also, some pro-choicers need to be reminded that a pregnant woman is carrying a human baby.  LL  


  25. Laura Loo says:
    October 22, 2012 at 9:45 pm
    In a creepy way (fitting for Halloween), I really like this Halloween shirt.  The only thing I would change is 50% less blood.  Also, some pro-choicers need to be reminded that a pregnant woman is carrying a human baby.  LL  

    (Denise) You can get your point across without demeaning the unborn.  I think this costume is demeaning to the fetus.  I can’t really explain that but it does.


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