Today! “Call Planned Parenthood to Schedule Your Imaginary Mammogram Day”

During Tuesday’s debate, President Barack Obama advanced a falsehood:

Millions of women all across the country who rely on Planned Parenthood for not just contraceptive care. They rely on it for mammograms, for cervical cancer screenings.

Of course, it is a documented fact that Planned Parenthood does not perform mammograms. Not only did a Live Action investigation expose the ruse last year, the Department of Health and Human Resources confirmed it, and finally, so has Planned Parenthood itself. (Jump to 1:35 on the video.)

But either the president hasn’t received the memo, or he doesn’t care. And Planned Parenthood made no effort to publicly correct the president after the gaffe.

So our friends Abby Johnson and Lila Rose have come up with a great idea: “Call Planned Parenthood to Schedule Your Imaginary Mammogram Day” – today!

Instructions are at the link, including a script. But basically the plan is for everyone to call their local Planned Parenthood today and attempt to schedule a mammogram.

Report your findings here!

[Graphic via Andy Moore on Facebook]

21 thoughts on “Today! “Call Planned Parenthood to Schedule Your Imaginary Mammogram Day””

  1. Just called the Planned Parenthood in Nashville Tn (Middle and East TN.)..laughing receptionist answered and side talked with another in office while she responded to my questions. Did not give her name. I asked for an appt and she asked what I wanted and when I responded that I needed a mammogram she said we refer out. What does that mean I asked? She said that they send me someplace else to get it. she said I could come in and get a “non machine” breast exam but then they would refer me out for the mammo. What if I do not have insurance? Then you pay out of pocket for it. How much will that be? She put me on hold for a long time and that was the end of the story. So they must not have gotten the memo from the prez ya think??


  2. Way to go Susie!
    Thank you for calling and letting us know what the response was.
    I am curious to see how many women from this blog will get the same response.
    Also, maybe someone should Candy Crowley from CNN know that she needed to call out Obama’s mammogram lie…or that doesn’t matter to her?


  3. I just called the Orland Park, IL, PP, and surprise, the scheduler said PP does not perform mammograms. I said, “Well, President Obama said you do perform them. Was he wrong?” She responded, “I cannot comment on the president’s remarks.” I pressed, “Well, was he lying, or was he misinformed, or was he just trying to make Planned Parenthood look better?” Another “no comment.”


  4. Live Action has comments going too on its website.

    Maureen from New London, CT said on Live Action that Planned Parenthood was “willing to do a manual mammogram“.
    I wonder if they also give a DVD with the pictures (of the hands) at the end!


  5. I just called one in Denver, CO. The receptionist sounded suspicious (maybe they’ve been getting a lot of these calls today?) and didn’t give a name, but tried to get all kinds of personal info from me. “We refer out, but you can come in for a manual exam.” So I asked how much that would cost……$75 without insurance!!!! So much for helping poor women!!!!


  6. proaborts have been trolling the facebook page for this event all day long. After my first phone call just rang and rang, I tried again. Unfortunately, the PP in my area said they were closed today (on my second call). What a coincidence. XD


  7. Almost as many men die of prostate cancer as women die of breast cancer.  Why is so much more attention paid to the latter disease than the former? 



  8. First of all, I want to thank all the wonderful women who have been exposing the mammosham lie today by calling PP. You are a bright example for all of us, men! Thank you!
    Second, I would like to suggest an idea to complete the project. Why don’t you make a second phone call tomorrow. To the “complaint line” of the White House? And tell the employee there; “I want to make a complaint. During the seond debate, I heard the President say that Planned Parenthood does mammographies, so I called them, but they told me that Planned Parenthhod does NOT do mammographies and they didn’t know what the President was talkin about”. It would interesting if tomorrow,the White House received a landslide of complaints from women!


  9. A “non machine” exam? You mean like the one I do in the shower every month? How high tech of them! So that’s what they use those millions for?


  10. If we’re going to subsidize Planned Parenthood so they can refer out for mammograms, how about kicking in some bucks to the gas stations when you ask for directions?
    Or how about free GPS for everybody?  ;)

    Oops. I first typed “mammagrams”. That’s what college kids send home for more money. I wouldn’t want to give Big Government any new ideas. ;)


  11. Kristen, yes, exactly!  These are the “cancer screenings” that Planned Parenthood does – the same kind of self-breast exams that girls are taught in high school health classes.  Defund this fraudulent enterprise!


  12. I’ve come to expect lies from the pro-fetus cult, but this is truly beyond the pale.  I know, I know, born children, (post-born versus pre-born), and their mothers are not worthy of any compassion, assistance, or apparently, health care.  Millions of poor mothers and those between coverage in our wonderful health care system, get birth control, pap smears, HIV and STI tests and treatment, referrals to a host of providers for breast, uterine, ovarian and other cancers discovered during routine physicals, and provide both information, education, and prescriptions for everything from diabetic medications to pre-natal vitamins, and emphasize the importance of diet, abstaining from tobacco, drugs and alcohol during pregnancy, and provide information on breastfeeding.  To demonize an organization whose practice is 5% abortions, means to me that you want these women and their children to….well do without care and ultimately die.  Our capitalist system provides not for these folks, and won’t if little willard is elected.  As an RN  presently working for the VA health system, I have seen the rich harvest of our stupidity, self-righteousness, hatred and contempt  for those unable to “make it”.  I have also worked extensively with seriously handicapped children in group homes that apparently are not worthy of adoption, (after all, out of the womb, out of mind)
    Your energy would be better spent doing almost anything to really affect the rate of abortion.  How about support for birth control?  Oops, no, sorry I forgot.  Plan B is the same thing as bludgeoning a four year-old to death with a hammer.  
    Married for 36 years, six homebirthed and homeschooled kids, all healthy and happy, and no abortions in my family at all.  But truly, this site makes me ill. 


  13. Steve Hansmann, your comment completely missed the mark and to me is irrelevant. The point of the discussion is Planned Parenthood and President Obama continue to lie to the American people and say that Planned Parenthood provides mammograms to poor women. That is a lie! So either you prove that Planned Parenthood is not lieing or, if you feel ill from the comments on this blog, you can go to a Planned Parenthood clinic to be checked and comforted!


  14. Can anyone address my question?
    Why is there so much more focus on breast cancer than prostate cancer when the latter kills almost as many as the former? 


  15. Why is there so much more focus on breast cancer than prostate cancer when the latter kills almost as many as the former? 



  16. Denise, it’s a good question. I am not sure why exactly breast cancer is the center of the attention vs. Prostate, although I suspect it’s connected with exploitation of women and pandering. I guess Obama must care only for poor women, not for poor men! Imagine if he said “look at me, I support Planned Parenthood because there are millions of poor men that would die of prostate cancer unless PP were not giving their “manual” test free. I, together with Planned Parenthood am going to save you!” No men would vote for him!


  17. Steve: “To demonize an organization whose practice is 5% abortions, means to me that you want these women and their children to….well do without care and ultimately die.”

    Not at all. They need only stop doing abortions. If PP really cares about the 95% of people you allege are valuably served in ways not involving abortion, then I’d think PP would drop the abortion and refer THAT as well?

    I mean, they only REFER for mammograms. If abortion is such a small part of their business and mammograms are such a large part of it, I’d think they’d be as happy referring for abortions as for mammograms.

    Your hatred for pro-lifers is registered, Steve. Don’t pop an artery, buddy. 


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